PX-712A & Plextools

OK, here it is. I Purchased the Plextore PX-712A Retail unit. I installed it in my system, and install Plextools Pro. Everything was fine. I did not use the Plextools very much, maybe 3 or 4 time in the last couple of months. I downloaded and installed the BIOS update to v1.02 and Plextools v2.14. Now when I open Plextools under General Information it shows my Product as DVDR PX-7 and 2 characters that look like Bold “I”'s, no firware version, but it does say the Vendor is PLEXTOR. Under Drive ATA Interface 1 as ID:0 CD/DVD(ATAPI), but my Plextore PX-W4012A show just fine.
When I click on Drive Information for the PX-712A it says There is no drive information availible fof this drive., again the PX-W4012A show all the right info. Lastly, NONE of the Q-Check tests are available for the PX-712A.
I have Uninstalled and Reinstalled the Plextools, I reflashed my PX-712A, still the same problems.
my system Specs:
Asus A&N8X-E
N-Force 2 Chipset
AMD XP3000+
1GB XMS2700 Matched Pair
SB Audigy X-Gamer
2- WD 160GB HardDrives
New Install of Windows XP Pro SP1

Please help…


Have a look at this thread:

You should uninstall the nvidia IDE-SW-drivers, then everything should work.


Welcome to the forum Bigg_Doc, do as Hirngranatn suggested, get rid of the nVidia drivers. They are the cause of a lot of problems. You should use the Microsoft drivers instead, they work all right.

The compatibility of PLEXTOOLS and NF2 chipest(or drivers) is not well.