PX-712A + Plextools problem

If I try to run a FE/TE check on any type of blank disc (DVD or CD) without running a Write Transfer Rate test first, my PX-712A just goes brain dead with its LED rapidly flashing amber. I can’t eject the disc through software or the front button, only by using a bent paper clip in the manual eject hole. Plextools doesn’t crash, but returns this message:

Error: Unspecified error (code 000000)

I have to reboot to get the PX-712A back to normal. Soft boot is OK, I don’t have to power down or press reset for it to come back alive.

I am currently running Plextools 2.17 and have f/w v1.05 in the PX-712A, but this has happened all along with older versions of either/both.

My PC has the following:

Asus A7N8X Deluxe v1.04 (latest BIOS, v1008)
AMD 2800+XP (Barton)
Windows 2000 Pro, all updates. NTFS file system.
I am using Microsoft’s Win2k IDE drivers.
NVidia NForce IDE drivers made no difference.
PX-712A as master and PX-Premium as slave on secondary IDE channel.

I hope I’ve given enough info here so someone may be able to offer suggestions. Plextor USA tech support was no help.

As an aside, my PX-712A is still picky as he$$ with media. Is there a f/w v1.06 coming that may finally help a bit?

Thanks for any and all help –