PX-712A lockup

Hi all,

I have a problem with my 712A that I hope you guys can help me with. I seems that Explorer is locking up when i try to burn CD-R media with my 712A on Nero 6. It manages to get through the Lead In phase but as soon as its about to write data it just stops and takes Explorer with it.

Oddly enough it is able to burn DVD+R media just fine, but not CD-R. I have tried both Disc Copy, Image Writing, and Folder Burning and they all lock up after Lead In.

FWI, I have also updraded to FW 1.02.



Was the problem happened before?Or does the drive always has this problem since you bought it to your home?

Try to use the 1.03 FW first.It seems the burn software problem.Please use PLEXTOOLS PRO to try.If the problem is still there,then use it on another computer to detect the problem.

Welcome to the forum Ducken. Please provide us with some information on your system. Are you, for instance, using nVidia IDE drivers? If so, please don’t and use the default Microsoft drivers instead. The nVidia drivers are known to cause all sorts of weird problems. Also, are you using Windows XP and its built-in write engine? Also not a good idea since it does more harm than good. You should disable it and use dedicated software like Nero instead, which I see you’re already using. Which Nero 6 version are you using? It’s best to use the latest version. For updates you can visit www.nero.com.

Hi there,

I’m having the same trouble:
just bought a new PX712A (latest firmware upgrade 1.03) and already burnt 2 DVD+R media succesfully
yesterday I wanted to free my harddrives using a DVD+RW media and after
successful formating with NERO 6 (latest update) the writer locked up after or during lead in (no more orange blinking but a steady green, drive won’t open until complete shutdown of the system - means `Power off´) -
Same problem now with a DVD+r medium but no problems burning CDRs in the meantime.

It drives me crazy…

Greetz from sunny Munich, Germany

I can provide detailed information on my system tonight…

The compatibility of NERO and 712A(1.03FW) is NOT well especially with DVD RW media.

Thanks 2 AKINA for your info.

I just wrote an image on hd with nero and tried to burn that image with alcohol 120% -same problem px-712a stopped after a few seconds. The DVD shows an open session with the exspected track length but theres no data…

Frustrating, I still can burn CDR and read DVDs…

My system:
Gigabyte GA-8STXC
SiS 645DX Host/Memory controller
SiS 962L MuTIOL Media I/O
Intel P4 2,3 GHz
512 MB DDR 266
ATI Radeon 9000 LE
Plextor PX-712A FW 1.03
Cyberdrive CW058D FW 1.60
Artec DHM-G48
some Harddrives
about 130 GB

Windows XP SP1
PlexTools 2.15

Hi ,malaszia

Why did you want to use the alcohol 120% to burn an image which created by NERO? :confused:

I think it maybe the software problem. Try to remove alcohol 120%,then use the PLEXTOOLS 2.15 or another version of NERO6(eg: ,burn an DVD image which created by the software itself.Is the problem still there? :rolleyes:

Hi Akina & of course anybody else out there,

pure frustration !!! b/o Nero does not burn…so I thought trying another software.
Meanwhile I did all the fancy stuff checking the writer as described by plextor (disconnect, Jumper on Slave and Cable Select ect. --> Self test shows no problem with CD and DVD).

Then right now I burned a DVD-RW with PlexTools w/o any problem ?!?!?!?!

Therefore I thought it might be an unhappy interaction between Plextools 2.15 (in the systray) and Nero, hence I shut down PlexTools and tried again with Nero and…
… it locked up again

next step is trying an older version of Nero

I’ll let you know about hte results

Greetz from rainy Munich, Germany

btw: isn’t there anybody out there with same or similar problems ?


just downgraded to Nero same problem
PX712A wrote about 4 % before locking up…
and PlexTools are still burning
maybe its a software dependent buffer underrun problem - could this be even with hardware protection for buffer underruns ? - not that I know so much about that…
& if yes how to deal with it

it drives me crazy

i have this lockup problem in dvd decrypter,
when burning dvd+r it writes lead in, after that drive and prog idle. then i must reset pc to unlock drive. this lockup in dvd decrypter occurs only sometimes.
i used fw 1.03.
also i have a prob with writing dvd+rw in nero/dvd decrypter (both latest versions), other drives cannot read that discs when burned with the px-712a.
i used imation 4x dvd+rw and platinum 4x dvd+rw.
now i try fw 1.02 and 1.01.

i tested with fw 1.01, same results :confused:
until now i never had such a lockup in nero.
i burned some dvd+rw again, no drive can read them. the plextor can read the toc, but when i try to copy some data from the rw’s it hangs.

Quite some time ago i had a similar problem. Reason for problems was a Promise U133 TX2. After removing it from system burner worked the way it should.

Maybe you could try an other cable. Often some pins in IDE cables are faulty.

I would say this is something else then a broken cable. My IDE cable use to house a disk drive (had to go due to 712A) and I never had any problems with the HDD on that channel.
The fact that we all get lockups right after lead in regardless of burning application would suggest that we common problem.

It COULD be that 712A is extremly picky about the media. I will buy me a couple of Plextor DVDs and see if it does the same. If it does I’ll RMA this baby.

i did some further tests. this lockup occurs here very often when using dvd decrypter/alcohol 120%/plex tools. tried with different media (dvd+r,dvd+rw,cd-r,cd+rw).
it NEVER happens in nero. i can burn the same media in nero again and again, then i switch to dvd decrypter try to burn the same image again, bang, it hangs. what i dont understand is, that it works sometimes.
checked that drive in different pcs too.
i think (hope) this is a problem with the firmware.
also i still have the problem that burned dvd+rw are not readable by my other dvd-rom drives (dvd player plays it), anybody have this prob too? (burned this rw’s in px708a before, and they worked very well in all drives)

Hi everybody,

just made a clean new installation of windows xp & Sp1 & number of updates, office xp…and Plextools 2.15 and Nero and
same problem as before Nero or the writer locks up after or while writing the lead in
after uninstalling PlexTools there is now change - holy prayer to the developer of RW-media…:wink:

@Arrow: Did you have your writer on your Promise U133 TX2 - ccard ??? Or just another harddisk ? b/o I have an Promise U100 TX2 card with a third harddisk in my system but I can exclude an IRQ-problem so far

@Ducken: of course media problems are common but shouldn’t there be an error message or just an unreadable media ???

And I’m still curious that I was able to write on medias using PlexTools 2.15 at the same time.


BTW.: I got a misterous message from Plextor support today. They said I should unhide or hide CDR in my other burning software & everything should be fine then but there is no othe rburning software anymore…

Burner was attached to U133. According to the manual of the card and the Promise web site it should have worked. But it didnt.

Sorry for my late post.
I’m glad to see that half of the problem have been solved.
Try to use PTP 2.14 and nero6,will the problem occur?

PS: please disable “hide CD-R media” in plextools.
(the : and p can’t be used together or they will become :p) :eek:

Hi Akina & everybody else,

meanwhile Itried Nero 5.5.10 something with PlexTools not installed: same problem
Nero 6.3 without PlexTools not installed: same problem

Nero support sent me a Patch for extended protocolation of the burning process - we’ll see if they find something (extended log file not readable by text editor).

Plextor support does not think that it is a hardware problem but offered me to RMA the burner what I’ll do if Nero Support does not come with a solution within 2 days even if it is a genera lwindows xp related or burning software related problem with the drive - remember PlexTools are burning…

Greatz from frustration

Have you disabled the Imapi-burning in your services? This often conflicts with burningsoftware.


Try to use Nero 6.3 with PlexTools not installed,will the problem occur again?

If the problem only occured when you install both nero6 and any version of PLEXTOOLS ,remove the SIS drivers,remove other IDE drives and keep the harddisk and 712A(MASTER) ,maybe this method couldn’t help,but you could try it?

In addition,is the CDKEY of your NERO correct? Try to change another version WNASPI.DLL of nero.
Download it at:

I think it should not be the hardware problem…isn’t it?
GOOD LUCK.:wink: