PX-712a Less "picky" on media than 708a?

Any users of the 712a feel that the 712a is indeed less picky on the media it choses to burn compared to the 708a?

That is my general feeling yes but this experience is based on the PX-708A and the earliest firmware version. When I reviewed the drive is was picky with media (firmware 1.00 and 1.01). Since then I’ve upgraded the firmware of the drive (1.07) but have been using recommended media mostly. When I reviewed the PX-712A drive it was great out-of-the-box (firmware 1.00) with a lot of media and many can confirm this (look for OC-Freak’s Media Tests with the PX-712A). Both drives work great though when you use quality media.

yes well at least it burns more disks at 8x that only would burn at 4x with the 708