PX-712a cdrwin 3.9G compatibility

I recently installed this drive and it refuses to be recognized under cdrwin 3.9G. The drive says that it’s supported but doesn’t seem to see it.

I thought it might be an aspi layer problem but it still does not work when using Adaptec aspi layers 4.60 or the provided layers from cdrwin.

Has anyone been successful in getting this drive to work with this software?

Current setup:

Winxp sp1
p4 3ghz
512 ram
ati radeon 9800 aiw

I have no problems with CDRWIN 3.9g recognizing and supporting my PX-712A (FW=1.02). I just successfully burned a Verbatim 24X CD-RW disc with audio.

Can you provide some more details about your motherboard? I’m curious as to which chipset is used.

Also, if you happen to have Intel Application Accelerator (IAA) installed, you may want to uninstall it and go back to Microsoft IDE drivers to see if the situation improves.

I’m currently running the SY-P4X400 DRAGON Ultra Platinum Edition.

Chipset is the VIA P4X400.

I’ll try your suggestion in regards to the IAA. Thanks for the input.

Please disregard my IAA comment. Since your motherboard has a Via chipset, so IAA, which is Intel software for certain Intel chipsets only, will not install with your motherboard.

With a Via chipset on your motherboard, if you have a Via IDE miniport driver installed, you can try going back to the Microsoft IDE driver included with the OS.

My PX-712 is also NOT recognised as a writer by CDRWin 3.9G : when I try to write
anything, all my writers, except the PX-712 are in the list to choose from.
It can use it as a reader, but that’s it.
What’s the size and date of your CDRWIN.EXE ? Maybe Jeff added something whithout
changing the revision number… would not be the first time !!

System :
WinXP Prof.
Mobo : Asus K7M (VIA chipset)
Only MS drivers installed for IDE (no VIA !!)
ATI 9600 Pro 256 MB
1 GB DDR 2700 (333 Mhz)
Athlon 2000+
IDE RAID onboard (Promise)
Sil. Image extra ATA133 IDE controller PCI-680U (4 devices)
Internet Cable connection via LAN
3 x Maxtor 200GB + 2x 80GB on RAID


My optical drives installed :
PX-712 fw 1.02
DRU-700a VS04
DRU-500a 2.1a
NEC 2500a 1.07v2b4 (Herrie)
Pioneer DVR-107D (1.16 RPC1)
LiteON LDW-411s (v. FS0F)
LiteON 523252
LiteON DVD-ROM 166s
LiteON DVD-ROM 165s
LiteON LTC-48161H

On my system, CDRWIN.EXE 3.9G has a size of 1,114,112 bytes (1,088KB), with a modified date of June 16, 2004, 12:00AM.

I downloaded CDRWIN 3.9G from the GoldenHawk site, as cdr39g-e.exe. I used a new set of unlock codes with CDRWIN 3.9G, which I received after purchasing another year of upgrades. The previous set of unlock codes has expired.

I figured out the problem. As pat357 noted, there was a silent change to the file. Since the re-download, the drive is now working properly.