PX-712A burns but not reads

The drive was able to burn ‘successfully’. However, it always failed to verify the data. Also, the burned discs couldn’t be read by the PX-712A.

Below is the configuration/setting of my system:

motherboard: ASUS A7S266-VM
CPU: AMD Althon XP 1800+
RAM: 640 MB SD RAM (64 MB shared with display)
Harddisk: primary master: Maxtor 120GB with 20GB+ free space
primary slave: Maxtor 60GB
PX-712A: secondary master
OS: Windows XP SP1
Nero 6 of the package was installed to the primary master and was being used for the burning
Disc used: imation 8x +R, sky 8x +R, disc came with the PX-712A package, . . .

Is there any problem on this setting?

Actually I had the same experience with another DVD +/- (Lite-on SOHW-812s). I thought there was problem with that Lite-on drive so I switched to Plextor. Apparently I was wrong.

i have this problem too !!!

First i have a lite-on 451s thwn i changed to nec but the problem is still there!!!

OK, i have found this post

go in and read!!!

From this post seems that nero verify is no so affidable :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post. :slight_smile: