PX-712A becoming hot

When I bought my PX-712A, I discovered it could become very hot after a while. In fact, the big IC’s are in the bottom and are just cooled by the sheet steel cover wich is rather thin. (contact by means of thermal compound).
I used the four free holes (threads) in the bottom cover to fix an aluminium cooler (no fans required) I made myself for dimensions, taking a special care at the length of the screws. And now, my PX-712A works “cool”.

This is nice to hear. But you think this makes any sense?

I Worked 20 years as Lab. Eng. in a repair center of power supplies and I have a serious idea about the problems heat can cause : intermittent drop-out, loss of performances…reduced life of components, especially in ouput stages. It’s mainly true during a warm summer! Believe me, all what I say is based on experience. Do you remember the time Plextor incorporated a fan in his burners? But nowadays, reducing costs is mandatory! Fans also have a drawback : DUST and noise.(Use of filters is advised)
Simply putting your device on an aluminium plate can help too. Unfortunately, it’s not always feasible.

I have four optical drives in my tower with no room between them. No one ever had problems! And I don’t think 712 becomes much hotter than other DVD burners like 708.

is it possible to take a picture so we can see it ?:iagree:

The drive is spec’d to run at up to 40 degrees C (104 F). As long as the air temp in your PC doesn’t exceed that the drive should work just fine.