PX-712A and TYG03, getting horrible results

I’ve tried burning four TYG03 DVDs tonite, one at 2x, one at 4x, two at 8x. Jitter and beta are horrible in all of them. I bought these to make PS2 backups with, but it appears it isn’t going to work with my beta and jitter ratings as erratic as they are.

TYG03 don’t do well burning at slower speeds than 16x? Also, for some reason, Nero won’t let me burn at 12x or anything above 8x. I’ve read this is a common mystery though.

My firmware is 1.07.

Also, all the discs have great PI/PO. It’s just jitter/beta. My TDKs 16x DVD+R have almost perfect jitter/beta.

Maybe your TYG03 are fake?

for some reason, Nero won’t let me burn at 12x
What speed do you actually expect a 8x DVD-R drive to record DVD-R media at?

Yeah I know, I found out it was 12x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R after posting. I didn’t think it was significant enough to update. Up until now, I’ve burned all DVD+R, but bought these -R for my PS2.

They’re authentic discs. They’re from meritline.com and all have the GH… serial numbers.

Well, the ones above are from os-mediatrade, with no brand name on them, but obviously authentic :stuck_out_tongue: If your drive does not behave weirdly otherwise, then they might not be as authentic as you think…

Could you post a FE/TE test on such a disc?

I don’t know, the user reviews on meritline seemed to suggest authenticity. The discs are unlabeled and seem real. Running pxscan right now. I’ll post results + FE/TE when it’s all done.

Here’s one written at 8x, read at 2x. Under pxscan (rather than plextools), it seems jitter/beta isn’t the problem so much as PIF/PIE. My objective here is PS2 readability.

I’ll upload FE/TE when it finishes.

Didn’t take as long as I thought. Plextools reported “good.”

That disc is definitely genuine, the problem must be somewhere else

Not sure what it could be :confused: My case’s ambient temperature is around 30C, my burner is less than a year old and has only burned a handful of CDs and about 100 DVDs. I’m using latest firmware. How severe does the problem look? PS2s are pretty picky, though I haven’t been able to test yet.

On that scan at least, everything looks fine except for at the 0.75GB mark. Can you see any imperfection, cigarette ashes etc :smiley: at that point? Should be inside the area less than 2cm from the hole in the centre. Do all the other scans look pretty much like that?

No, I’m not seeing any visible imperfections on any of them… Here’s one written at 2x, read at 2x. I didn’t let it finish the beta/jitter as I’m impatient and eager to get this resolved today, and not really worried about jitter/beta anymore.

This might be the dumbest question ever, but could these spikes be caused by points of increased activity by other programs while burning? It’s a possibility as I use my computer for a lot of things at once :confused: I’m going to burn another 8x with absolutely nothing going on.

Still getting erratic spikes. It must just be my drive… I guess I’ll buy an NEC from newegg for $40.

Have you checked your discs for scratches, dust, and fingerprints? This must be done with a strong light source, or you won’t be able to see it all!

Even the tiniest visible surface defect during burning will generate PIF spikes, and can add several hundred or thousand PIFs to an otherwise excellent burn. This can be such a problem that I always have a can of compressed air ready to blow off dust, but sometimes I burn a disc without discovering dust until it’s too late, and the scans show the type of PIF peaks that you have.

Unfortunately, I’m getting spikes on all 6 DVDs I’ve burned last night and today. These were fresh off the spindle and all appear clean under light.

Getting discs fresh off the spindle in no way guarantees that they are free of dust, scratches or fingerprints. And even if the discs don’t have any dust NOW, they might have had dust on them when they were burned. You should inspect for dust before burning the disc.

Even though your problem might not be due to dust, scratches or fingerprints, here is a thread I started in order to show the effects of a single speck of dust:

What a single speck of dust does to scans

This thread was about the effect of dust when reading the disc, but the effect is the same for dust during burning - but then the problem is permanent for that disc, and cannot be alleviated by removing the dust afterwards!

That is interesting, but I think my drive has just gone downhill… All my discs couldn’t be that dusty, considering so many people here produce good scans that look nothing like mine. Odds are, I’d produce a near-perfect disc by now, having been on the lookout for dust and burning so many discs. I’m going to scan my TDKs from when the burner was brand new and compare to my TDKs from last week.

Hmm, can anyone tell me if these scans appear suitable for a PS2? I don’t know if I should buy a new drive or not :confused: