PX-712A and Ritek G05

Just did a read test on a recently burned 8x RiDisc DVD-R (RITEKG05) and got this result:

This is using the v1.02 firmware. I noticed there is some sort of circle going round the entire disc in the middle, looks like speed change?!? The disc didn’t play in my standalone (Pioneer DV-535) which has never failed to play a disc before or anyother players. I presume that it was a pretty bad burn?

This is the same disc burnt at 4x :

This Played fine.

Has anyone else noticed the same prob with this disc/drive?

Hi there !

Cant’ write any Ritek G05 (under DVD-R 8x platinum brand here in europ) with my Plex 712a. Allways get a session fixation error with Nero (all version i’ve tried). Also used other burn software with same results…The worst, is that i brought them thinkink it was Ritek G04 wich works fine. And i have a hundred in stock :((( Hope a firmware might fix that !!!


The Ritek G04 I have produce the same results as the Ritek G05 written at 4x. Maybe the writing method is poor. I used DVD Decrypter to burn the image to the discs.

Wow, that’s odd. Where do you get your G04’s? Mine are RiData from meritline. My scans look like this:

There is a great variation of quality from disc to disc though, due to Ritek’s very poor quality control.

I get mine from SVP here in the uk. First time i’ve had a prob with ritek discs

The circle on the disc is a result of the increased writing speed. This is quite normal and nothing to worry about. It seems the Plextor simply cannot reliably write these Ritek discs at 8x so write them at 4x instead. There isn’t much you can do about this except for upgrading the firmware of your drive (if you haven’t done this already) and contact Plextor and inform them of the issue. Then they can fix this in a future firmware release.

Well…even at 2x…won’t work…whatever burn software i use…i’ll guess i’ll follow your idea and send a mail to plextor support…hopefully might be fixable in an upcoming firmware release

Better send a mail to ritek :wink:

As their DVDR media is too variable in quality - much of it is garbage in my opinion.

I have problems with the ritekg05 media in many different writers when trying to write at 8x…

I sent an email to support@plextor.com but got a standard response basically saying because I was in Europe I had to email them at plextor.be. Not really sure why that matters, but I resent the email and am now awaiting a response.


I have exactly the same problem with Ritek G05 discs writing perfectly @ 4X but useless @ 8X. I have contacted support at www.plextor.be and they replied asking for info from CD/DVDInfo which I sent them on Monday but no reply as of yet.

Please if you are having this problem then contact them as well so they realise it is a widespread problem and hopefully release a new Bios to fix it.


Hello, iam new in this forum

I have the same problem with the Verbatim data life plus Pastell DVD+R 4x
The id of the disc is Yuden000 T01.

If i burn at 4x i have no problems and the q-check pi scan is ok.
But if i burn @8x i have i high pi error rate over 1000.

Has anyone the same problem with the Verbatim(Yuden000) ???.

I wrote a mail to plextor and they say:

Dear Sir,

Not each type of tyuden media is supported.

I would advice you to verify this first.

The tyuden media recommended is 8x DVD+R media or 8X DVD+R media that can be
written at 12X.

Not the 4X media.

Kind regards,

You must remember that the Ritek G05 and Yuden 000 T01 are vendor factory rated for 4x. Plextor’s testing and write strategy were based on media submitted by the respective factories and not purchased on the open market. The media you have MAY be of lower quality, as vendors seem to screen their media and distribute the best to some locales and lesser quality to other locales…Some users have no problems with a media type and report excellent results, others using the same media report little success…

Since the drives do not change, the variables are the applications, systems, and media.

I question the source of the DataLife Plus. I’m not aware of Mitsubishi/Verbatim using Taiyo Yuden media in their top of the line products.

Just FYI but Ritek G05 are rated 8X!


My error on the vendor write speed. You are correct, but the argument still stands. A lot of the drive vendors face the same issue. The media they factory test with is submitted in quantity by the media vendor. What really hits the streets when everyone is trying to actually make a buck on the product may be of lesser quality than the factory tested with. Check any of the forums and you get both sides…someone who has success with the media and someone who can’t get a decent burn…both with the same media and same drive.