PX-712A and Plextools are Hanging my PC!

i’m a Plextor fun, i was using PX-708A DVD Writer and i decided to by PX-712A to have all the new plextor features (specially Q-check).

After changing drive, plextools didn’t activate the Q-check feature (i had the old version of plextools that i installed for PX-708A), nero and alcohol didn’t recognize the drive (no buffer underrun protection avaible etc…)

I tried to update firmware (to version 1.03) and plextools (to version 2.15). I succefully update the firmware, after i updated plextools, but after the reboot plextools hanged my pc, i coudn’t use anything, i coudn’t terminate the plextools process, i coudn’t disinstall plextools itself !!!

I had to start with the prompt and manually delete plextools.

The problem now is that i can burn CD but nero and alcohol don’t recognize completely my drive and i can’t perform quality check becouse i can’t use plextool and because nero cd speed is not compatible with my drive…

now i will try to update nero and alcohol to the last version but is not normal what happened and is not normal that i can’t use plextool !!!

can someone help me plz ?

i must consider my drive broken and send it back ?

Hi, can you give some more informations about your system? Motherboard, presence of accelerated IDE drivers, overclocking and so on?

Regards, :slight_smile:


Sure !

my configuration is:

Asus A7V8X
Athlon XP 2000+
512 MB Ram (DDR333)
Hard Disk Maxtor SATA 120 GB
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
DVD Pioner 120S (firmware 1.01)
Plextor PX-712A (firmware 1.03)
Sound blaster 5.1 Player

no overclock, no accelerated IDE drivers

i used PXInfo (Plaextor Info) and Nero Info Tool to get more info, there are the result files that i got

Nero InfoTool 2.21

Plextor Info Utility V1.22

Bye and thanks for your help :slight_smile: !

Well, before starting an RMA request I suggest to try the 712A on a different machine… Also, take a look at this thread: it also speaks about problems with a 712A and a motherboard with a Promise controller… maybe this could also help.

I don’t have any other idea, sorry… :sad:

Good luck, keep us posted.


Thank you eltranquil

i will try, but it’s incredible :sad:

ops… i forgot an important question…

is it normal that PX-712A doesn’t work with Nero CDSpeed ?

is there another program to use Q-Check test (not plextools) ?

The 712A is completely compatible with Nero CD Speed and the Nero application. I use CD Speed to generate a test disc when I get a new spindle of media and then use PTP to monitor the error rate so I know if I can use it for my data backups.

Q Check with PTP only works on the Premium CD-RW or on the 712 series of drives.

Where does the hangup appear? On boot, after it gets to the desktop? Does the system work okay if you boot to safe mode?

After removing (brutaly) PlexTools the system seems to be ok but
if i run a quality check on Nero CD Speed i get an initializing error :sad:
(the same error that i got with 708A, but with 708A is normal because it has no Q-Check…)

If i install Plextools, system has big problems, in system tray you can see PTP but you see no icon on the bar, PTP is tring to start but doesn’t, it’ s impossible to terminate PTP, if you open explorer to navigate your drives then explorer hangs, you can’t start nero and others programs that try to use drives…

You shouldn’t get any errors at all with CD Speed when doing a test. Try the transfer rate tests first just to check I/O.

Must of missed it somewhere, but what OS are you running? All the service packs installed?

Ok i will try the trasfer rate, i use windows 2000 sp 4, the complete list of my patches and drivers in the output file of nero info (i posted it in this topic)…

Consider tha with this same configuration the PX-708A worked fine !

What’s the difference ?

Sorry, i wrote particulary BAD :slight_smile:

Hi again kemosh,

as bob11879 said, the only way (at the moment) to perform quality checks (C1/C2/CU or PI/PIF) with the Premium or the 712A to use Plextools.

CDSpeed’s quality tests work with Liteon drives (where you can use also Kprobe) and some other hardware (but not Plextor)… you can find a lot of informations in the CDSpeed V3 forum.

I agree that, provided that you didn’t change anything when passing from the 708A to the 712A, it is weird that Plextools stopped working… :confused:

Did you contact Plextor’s Technical Support? If not, I recommend you to do so (a tip: include in your post a link to this thread, it could be useful for them).

Hope this helps, :slight_smile: