PX-712A and DVD+RW


i have a problem burning dvd+rw with this drive.
i used nero / dvd decrypter, firmware 1.03, verbatim dvd+rw 4x (is recommended by plextor). my other dvd drives cannot read that discs when burned by the 712a. however the burner can read them and also my standalone dvd player. i tried to burn some platinum dvd+rw too, they mostly fail with a write error or have read errors.
both media brands worked fine with my older plextor 708A and could be read by all my drives.
cd+rw seems to be of bad quality too when burned with the 712a.
i burned alot of dvd+r with this drive, all are fine.
can this be a firmware problem or is my drive defective? :confused:


I am suffering from a very similar problem: DVD+RW working w/ 708A, but not w/ 712A while all DVD+R are fine: see here http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101365&p=640296.

I issued a support request with plextor.be, and now they have started to email me requesting all the media codes that I have been using. I send them this today - let’s cross fingers.

I suggest that you also issue a support request, perhaps to plextor.be too. So the same guy may build a nice case out of it.

My drive is from MAY-2004 TLA#0101 and exactly 1 week since this evening. :sad:


this problem was reported by me about almost 1 month ago… still nothing happened. I tested about 10 type of DVD+RW, nothing reads them, except the Plextor. DVD-RW works fine, but as I have some 2x DVD-RWs only, I’d prefer the +RW. Unfortunatelly no sign of help from Plextor…

regards, Stephen

ok, good to know im not the only one with this problem. i had two 708A before, i returned both after some weeks because write quality decreased rapidly. now i hope the px712 holds some time :wink:

i reported this problem to plextor now. hope it will help :bow: