PX-712A AND CD+G burning prob

Hello folks just a little prob im trying to burn my mate some kareoke cds im using mp3+g tools and cdrwin to burn and the strange thing is that when i put the cd back into the pc its only recorded the audio hence no kareoke disc any ideas to what im doing wrong a small tut would be appreciated thanks in advance guys and gals

MP3+G seems to be some kind of compression program, so probably does not make true CD+G files. If you can convert from MP3+G to CD+G, it may work. Just a guess.

MP3+G is not a real standard, but its become a “de facto” standard for karaoke files when played with computers. Essentially, MP3+G is a combination of two files – one is a regular MP3 audio track, while the other one is a CDG file, typically ripped from a CD+G disc. The “+G” part provides the graphical content for the playback, which in most cases means the lyrics of the song

Try this for info