PX-712-T03 TLA0102 Bad quality disc or bad plexwriter?

Dear reader,

I have a question about the write quality of my plextor drive, which is the PX-712-T03 TLA0102. It seems to be that writing at 8speed is causing very bad quality discs. When I start a Q-Check PI-PO Test. It begins very low. Then after around 0.7GB it is rising very rapid, sometimes at the end, it reaches 400/500+…?! Arita DVD+ (RITEK R03 ref01) 8x certified.

A friend of my has the same drive, firmware, only a different TLA (bought 3 months earlier) and uses the same media provided by Arita. Here the write quality results are much better. The score with the same test shows a result of under ‘10’, which must mean very good. I got these results also only when writing at 4x.

Hope I explained my problem well.


Christiaan Ploeger.

I also sended this as an email to plextor support.

Just do a little reading in this Plextor forum and you shall find your problem…

Look in the threads relating to the firmware versions…

Lots of discussion.

Yes i understand, BUT those are not the same as me . I want a thread with the same drive, media, TLA etc etc Those other problems are not the same as mine…

If you say so…:rolleyes:

None of the drives have problems writing with high quality at 4x.
The problems manifest themselves when you try writing at 8x or faster.
The problem is with your drive not the media.

shall i downgrade my firmware or isn’t that better. SO FAR i am VERY disappointed about the performance of this DRIVE! and i think… i should have stayed a while with my nec1300A drive!

Upgrade to FW 1.05 and Plextor 2.17. Let us know how it goes.

Upgrade to FW 1.05 and Plextor 2.17 as Zevia said.

Also, Arita is rather low quality media … I’m amazed that your friend can write on this media with pipo under 10 :eek: That’s rather extraordinary. Lower quality media is known to vary in quality from batch to batch and even disc to disc sometimes. So it might be possible that the quality of your media is lower than your friend’s media … if you can pass your friend one of your discs and ask him to write and test it … that would tell you for sure if this is a drive or a media issue.

All TLA01XX drives are the same (same hardware). First two digits are the HW revision; the last two digits XX indicate the firmware revision. In your case you have fw1.02 which is really old. Fw 1.05 is the best so go for it.

When is use his discs i got the same results. when i burn a dvd of mine there on his burner (same type, firmware only different TLA) i got also very low error results…
so it is my burner which is the problem… :S

What firmware version in your drive now?

It’s too early to say that. Your friends system spec, other hardwares etc could make the different.

I got firmware 1.05 on it now

off topic… i am going to bed now… i’ll be here again tomorrow. you can also send me a messege.



Hey Christiaan,

I’ve had best result with Arita DVD+R media manufactured by RICOHJPN. They burn great at 8x here. Ritek is often questionable.

Ps. Sorry for the off topic reply, but where do you live? You seem to live very near where I live.

Hey waar dan precies. ik woon in bilthoven.