PX-712 New Firmware 1.06



there is a new Firmware(Plextor Japan)out for The PX-712



Thanks! :slight_smile:



Great! I’ll try it tonite…


Any idea about the changes for this firmware?


I’ll try it from Japanese > German > English :bigsmile:


  • Write quality improvement on CD-Rs
  • Write quality improvement on DVD-RWs
  • Playback compatibility improvement on DVDs

I hope thats right…



Thanks for letting us know 2Off3 :slight_smile:


Changelog Plextor Europa

PX-712A/SA/UF V1.06

Write performance on CD-R media
Write performance on CD-RW media
Compatibility with some DVD recorders



Interesting, Plextor Japan mentions improved write performance on DVD-RW media while Plextor Europe mentions CD-RW…



So no improvements for DVD+R/-R/+RW? Hmm… I think I don’t have to run a set of tests with this firmware…? :smiley:


Yeah, I did some tests and the results are the same as 1.05. Feh, Plextor could have kept this firmware if you ask me.


Nothing really special, just a solid burn on MCC003. Nothing I couldn’t get with 1.05.


Hi, I also burned 3 MCC003’s with perfect burns, like Two Degree’s. What is curious is that I burned those at 12x!. With 1.05 I used to burn those at 8x because 12x was not completely reliable… I’ll burn some more in the next days and see if this is a real improvement of 1.06 or just a coincidence…


Maybe they improved CD writing. But I don’t have the opportunity to test it in the next two weeks.


I’ve had a couple of sub-20 PIE MCC003 12x burns with firmware 1.05; I think it’s just a disc by disc case, especially when dealing with CMC-made MCC003 which is very variable.


Well, after waiting for months and months for a FW update, Plextor finally bothered to do it … hurray!

Then we look at the change log and what we see is that allegedly now we can write better CD’s. I cannot believe it!!! We finally get an update after 5+ months and the only thing Plextor considers that it needs updating after all this time is CD writing :a :a :a

:cop: Perhaps they forgot that PX712 is called ‘DVD writer’ not ‘CD writer’???!!!
:cop: Perhaps they forgot that PX712A still cannot write a Traxdata RITEKG05 without giving a Calibration Error in the first few seconds and ruin the disc???!!! (just to give one example; and btw, NEC3500 writes the same discs with PIPO <= 20!)
:cop: Perhaps they think that PX712 doesn’t need to support any new media appeared after FW1.05???!!!
:cop: Or perhaps they also think there is no need whatsoever to further optimise the existing writing strats???!!!
:cop: Finally, perhaps they think this unit is so good at writing DVD’s that they don’t need to do any improvement whatsoever even after 5+ months???!!! Well Plextor, sorry to spoil your imaginary world scenario, THIS IS NOT THE BLOODY CASE!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

After all these rhetorical questions, I have to say that this update looks like an image exercise rather than a serious update :eek: :sad:

And now a little challenge to you guys … do you think you can find ANY company which hasn’t updated the firmware for their drives for more than 5+ months :confused: (of course I’m referring to today’s world, particularly to those drives in the same category/family/release date with PX712A :wink: ) Now assuming that you can find one, although I find it very hard to believe :wink: , can you find one who after 5+ months releases a firmware for a DVD-RW unit without actually improving DVD writing quality at all??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

This is probably a very hard to beat performance, and it must be a prime contender for an award as well … maybe for the “King of Quality” award? :rolleyes:

Yes, I know … I’m nasty … but this is just to surreal to believe … you might expect something like this from a third league manufacturer not from Plextor!!!


I agree TOTALLY with CVS. After 5 months of wait and various new media on the market, Plextor MUST do a REAL Upgrade to the BIOS of PX712. :a

Actually PX712 have again some problems with some media, in primis various DVD-R brands!!! :frowning:

Plextor, are you again “King of Quality”? :confused:


LOL, name me one brand that doesn’t have problems with DVD-R media. There’s simply too much crap DVD-R media floating around for any burner to burn reliably.


Unfortunately my PX-712A has had problems with some of Plextor’s recommended media, namely TTG02, MXLRG02 and MCC02RG20.


Mine doesn’t handle Maxell media too well either for some reason.


CVS, how’s the dust in your house? :stuck_out_tongue:
p.s. if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, it was a long story.:bigsmile: