PX-712 and Taiyo Yuden discs?

Hi, I just have a few questions.

1.has been able to burn the TY 8x DVD-R at 12x? (since the 4x media is no longer available in Australia)

2.is it worthwhile to buy the TY 16x DVD-R (burn at 12x) and if that would typically give a better burn than using an 8x (burnt at 12x if thats possible)?

  1. do you risk the quality of the burn by increasing the burn speed?


Your drive is 8x -R so why should it burn at -R at 12x?

Good point, i was getting ahead of my self.

that said, is there any benefit of using the newer 16x TY media over the 8x?

No, stay with TYG02, or perhaps the +r YUDEN002

You can use TY 16x -R @ 8x if you can’t find “ancient” TYG02 discs, but as long as you can get TYG02 discs, there is no point in using TYG03.