PX-712 : a lot of POF's!



Have mainly been testing my new 716, but for comparison, I wrote a disk using my 712 fw 1.05. (TLA 0202, sn :314xxx)

All tested media are TY +R 8x Fuji (MIJ) MID= Yuden000 T02

Here are a few scans burned by the 712 :

The unusual about this scans are the relative low PIE’s but the present of quite some POF’s !
Also strange is that in the reading transfer graph, neither the my Plex712 (red),
the Philips 1640(green) or the my 716 report any errors, : only the NEC3500 (blue) slows down as reaching 16x. If you look closely, you’ll see that both the red (Plextor 716) and the green (Philips) are going smooth to the max,

I did a SUM8 on all disks using Plextools 219a and my 3 Plextor DVD writers : 1x 716 and 2x 712. The result was #POF =0 for all disks on all 3 Plextors !
The media seem OK as my Benq produces excelent burns.
Is this 712 wearing out already ?


Addition to my post above :

The TY media seem OK as my Philips 1640 and my Pioneer 108 produce both excellentburns :
All tested disks (Fuji 8x TY) are from the same 10 pcs cakebox.


Some batches of T02 just don’t burn well at 12x on the PX-712A I’ve found. Heck I bought a whole 50 disc spindle of T02s (TDK-branded) that won’t burn at 12x at all; they get up to about 9.5x then drop down to 8x for the rest of the disc.


Yes, but that doesn’t explain yet why there are POF’s present : the PR should lowered the burnspeed to make sure there are almost never POF’s.
I had 5 disks in a row burned using this 712, all containing POF’s !!

Also, why doesn’t plextools with the additional 2 other Plextors report no POF’s at all ? Maybe these are “good” POF’s or just “minor” POF’s. :wink:
Why don’t they show up as an error in the reading transfer ?? Look how smooth the 716 read the disk ! (last picture from first post)


I actually did get some POFs with one batch of T02s when burned at 12x, but that may have been due to the particular PX-712A I had as the replacement Plextor send didn’t produce any POFs with the same batch…


You mention in the beginning that you get 0 POFs in PTP 2.19a, but POFs in CD Speed. Ever think that maybe it was a CD Speed issue instead of using software tailored for the drive??


Indeed, you’re right : CDSpeed could contain a bug related to POF scanning.
I did an extra scan using KProbe 2.4.2 on my liteON 832, and whlie it reported
some (too) high PIF’s, it reported no errors pointing to precense of POF’s

Plextools 219a (2x PX712 + 716) says no POF :iagree:
Kprobe 2.4.2 on LiteON 832s reported no errors :iagree:
Plextors (2x PX712 + 716) and Benq 1640 read the disks with a smooth straight line. :iagree:


CDSpeed 3.61 with the Philips 1640P (=Benq 1620) reported POF’s on all 5 disks !! :a

Who is write/wrong ?? :rolleyes:


Who is write ??

This is just ingenious. Congrats.



Is it a video DVD? If so, does the entire movie play? POF errors, if truly there, would render that part of the disc unreadable. Considering how many of your devices read the discs smoothly it’s probably the Philips being a bit too pessimistic.


Pat, that’s so weird. All my test disk on 712A were done with CDSpeed but no POFs (see my sig). And I never see the write transfer graph from 712A like that… Mine (and others I’ve seen) always show a straight curve line at 2.7GB @12x until the end. I dont think PR in 712A that sensitive… Is it because Plextools 2.19A??? Can plextools asjust the PR? I was mainly using Plextools 2.18 when I did the tests.


I’ve had PR do the same thing with a batch of Fujifilm T02s, but I didn’t end up getting any POFs. Didn’t matter what version of PlexTools I had running.


hmm, I found one of my test on Maxell002 where PR kicked in and slow down the burn. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=789826&postcount=7

It’s actually a better burn than the Maxell002 in my sig. :smiley: