PX-708UF write speed with EAC?

I use my shiny new PX-708UF to write Taiyo-Yuden audio CD-Rs using EAC. Since EAC doesn’t support PoweRec for writing, I have to choose a set write speed (4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, or 40x). When I burn T-Y test audio discs in Roxio Easy CD Creator with PoweRec, the Plextor favors a speed in the 25-33x range. So, any suggestions about which EAC write speed to select? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

EAC doesn’t have to support PoweRec for writing because it’s controlled by the drive, not by the software. Sure, some software can enable or disable PoweRec but when it’s enabled the drive will control the write speed that will be used.

Thanks a million. I was thinking that was probably the case, but I wasn’t able to locate a definite confirmation–except from this forum, whiere there’s always a helpful answer. Cdfreaks has provided such great info. on a host of subjects over the past few months that I figured it was about time I joined the club!

From what I can tell from my own highly unscientific testing and from other user reports, EAC does disable/override PoweRec at low speeds (under 24x); at the three available lower settings (4x, 8x, 16x), the Plextor is clearly and audibly burning either right at those speeds or pretty dang close. Since EAC doesn’t display actual writing speed, I can’t tell how fast the Plextor actually writes at the 32x or 40x settings, but reportedly, those higher settings are merely ceilings, and EAC cuts the drive loose above 24x or so to write as fast as it wants to.

This part is more suited to the audio forum, but since I burn audio only for my own listening and burn SHN data discs, where speed doesn’t matter, for others, ain’t no big rush to establish the best writing speed. I have begun generating test discs produced at all the available speed settings in EAC, and the Plextor has been error-free at all of them so far, which means nearly nothing, of course! :slight_smile: I’ll probably stick to 8x for now.