Px-708uf won't properly recognize media

After installing the drive via 1394 firewire, it would not regognize any of my media. Upgraded to firmware version 1.03 and flawlessly burned a memorex DVD+RW that had formerly been unrecognized with DVD Copy. Also, used Roxio Drag-to-Disc to back up some important files, again without problems.

Now, any blank media loaded shows up as 0 bytes available and 0 bytes recorded, although the media type is displayed when exploring drive properties. And, I’m unsure what has happened other than a reboot of my system.

Any similar experiences? None of my programs work: DVD Copy, Roxio, Nero. Recorded discs, including the two that were burned with the drive, can still be read.

I’m lost.


Windows XP, Pentium P4 2.8, ASUS P4C 800.

Is it possible to try the drive on an USB 2.0 connection to see if that makes any difference?

Forgot to mention that was going to be my next step before heading out this morning. Disconnected firewire, changed the switch to USB and plugged it in. Same, exact results. I have no idea what could be wrong especially when it had worked so well.

Clicking on <<properties>> for the drive, the <<General>> tab shows Type: DVD+RW Recordable Disc, DVD-R Recordable Disc, etc. based on the media type that’s there. But, it shows the disc itself as having 0 bytes used and 0 bytes free. I can’t format, record or perform any function with the discs basicaly. Device manager sees the drive as running with no problems.

I’ve closed all programs running in the background. No help. I chose to use Firewire simply because I have so many USB devices., but either way, I’m getting the same results.

Any other information I could provide or that anyone could provide to me that would help me troubleshoot? :confused:


What kind of recording software have you installed? Perhaps software like Alcohol which could be hiding the CD-R media? I don’t really have an idea what’s causing the problems so I’m guessing. Do you have any internal burners and if so, do they work?