Px-708uf Error: media not found...please insert writable media

I just bought a px-708uf for my laptop. I am using 1 click dvd copy to copy and burn dvd’s. I have made 1 succesful copy of a dvd (after about an hour of trying every different way) using ‘1click dvd copy’ with the
blank media i recieved with the drive. Every time i try to burn using a
Sony dvd-r blank media the drive doesn’t read the blank disc. The movie
copies to my hard drive fine but when prompted to insert writable media, i insert it and get this error: Error: Media not found. Please insert writable media.
The sony media is on the compatability list on plextors web site so i don’t think compatability is the problem.

It reads dvd movies fine but no blank media. If i insert a Sony blank dvd-r into the drive and try to open it in ‘My Computer’ it says “Please insert disc” I have updated firmware to 1.07 which did not help. What is going on. I am getting very frustrated! Please help.

Do you have another USB or firewire system you can check the drive on? Even a USB 1.1? Since the drive reads DVD-ROM and you get the same blank disc issue in Explorer or the application, could be a drive problem. Check it out on another system and it will only take a couple of minutes to isolate it to hardware or system.

Try with CD-R and DVD+/-R

Run the self test if you have recommended media. This won’t solve the problem if it is a system or interface issue, i.e., driver, but will indicate that the drive recognizes blank media and can run the test.

It seems the system problem.Try to use it on a desktop computer to check the problem.

I believe it might be a problem with the software i am using(1 click dvd copy)? Has anyone heard of this program conflicting with the drive? If I use another program (ie. roxio or dvdcloner2) the program recognizes and burns the dvd, but my computer still does not see the blank dvd in the plextor drive. Very wierd and confusing. Could this still be a system problem?

If you have the external 708uf connected via USB port that could be the problem…USB has more compatibility issues than FIREWIRE…try connecting with a FIREWIRE port…also try using another software like DVD DECRYPTER or DVD SHRINK(both are freeware software)to compress and burn with NERO burn…uninstall all other software before installing DVD SHRINK & DVD DECRYPTER…ROXIO will have conflicts with other software…here are the downloads for DVD DECRYPTER & DVD SHRINK:



I dont know what the big rave is about 1clickdvd. I didn’t get it to work at all. I uninstalled all burning programs and got Nero Recode. Now everything seems to be working fine. It takes about 40 minutes to to it’s thing and then another 15 to burn. Is this average or a little on the slow side? Maybe my expectations are a little too high. Thanks for everyones replies.