PX-708A won't read or write CDR's or CDRW's

Just started, perhaps after a firmware update, I read this related thread already. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=97845 but it does not tell what may have happened.

The drive reads dvd’s fine but won’t even recognize manufactured cdr’s.
It’s TLA0103, I’ve patched the firmware back to 1.02 but still not working.


try using firmware 1.04

Welcome to the forum NorseMyths,

Please let us know which firmware you’re currently using. Do as DVD_ADDICT suggested and try a different version. You can of course also try other versions, like the latest 1.08, to see if this makes any difference. If it doesn’t try your drive in another computer to see if the problem is related to your system or your drive. Report back with your findings so we can assist you further.

Thanks for the welcome, I have rolled the bios back thru 1.04 and am currently at 1.02. If I insert a manufactured disc the light simply goes yellow for 10 sec’s or so and then every 10 sec’s or so thereafter does two yellow flashes. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the pc, I think the flash to 1.06 may have done it.


Sounds like the flash took out one of the lasers. The blink code indicates the disc won’t initialize.

Suggest you request an RMA.

Gotta love Costco, I’d had the drive for 8 months. Costco took it back and I got PX712 for 120$ less than the 708.

Let’s hope that this drive can handle firmware updates.

Sid :slight_smile:

NorseMyths, good luck with the new drive.



Same problem here… i don’t write that much cd(rw) anymore so i don’t know if it started with the 1.07y or 1.08 firmware update…I think i’m gonna request an rma with plextor