PX-708A won't read or write CDR's or CDRW's

my 708a just wont read or write CDR’s or DRW’s. i kno the media is fine b/c i’m using Memorex CDR’s and Fuji CDRW’s which r both compatible. burning DVD+R’s work so far i havent tried DVD-R or the DVD+/-RW yet. this is driving me nuts can someone please tell me wuts wrong.

Please try the self-diagnostics test (see the FAQ). If this fails call Plextor and let them replace your drive. You could also try upgrading the firmware of your drive but I doubt this will help. Please report back with your findings.

i’ve run the Self-Test using Memorex and Imation CD-R’s and i keep gettin the 3 amber blinks. my cousin used the same disc in his 708A and they recognized them. the CDRW’s i’m using r Fuji’s and Plextors website says they’re compatible. I also updated the Firmware to 1.06 but still have the problem. It was working fine when i first got it last month but just stopped. I’m going to email Tech Support tonight to see if i could get an RMA.

I bet youre TLA is 0001.
I had the same problem when I flashed it to 1.06
I’ve send it back and after 8 days I got a new one with TLA 0204.

Just send it back.

nope the TLA is 0106. coincidence that i used firmware 106 too. but unfortunately still couldnt self test it with new and working Imations that i took from work :slight_smile: . i’m 100% sure that those CDR’s work b/c we have 708A’s at my job and i self tested 5 Imations in one of our 708a drives and they all tested fine. i brought those same 5 CDR’s home and nothing. it took awhile for something to happen then i got that damn 3 blinking orange light. i emailed Plextor’s Tech Support and waiting for a reply about wut to do next. I’m guessing i’ll have to send it back :Z . totally sux ass.

NERO damaged the drive? :rolleyes:
Is it possible to “reset” the drive?
If I can’t RMA it, can I fix it somehow?
Anyone knows exactly where is the problem (laser, chipset, etc)?

Welcome to the club. I should have mine back in a few days. It did the same thing. Use the phone and call them. Don’t send email…