PX-708A with combiantion Datawrite Classic

There is some odd shit happening here.

I have Plextor dvd-burner 708A with firmware 1.03, but whenever I burn a Datawrite Calssic Red Top with Alcohol 120 % or RecordNow Max 4.6, no mather wich speed I choose, it still burns at 4x speed. Is it the media with combination with Plextor burner, because I had in the past Sony Dru510A and that one did fine on 2x speed in combination with Datawrite Classic Red Top.

Also strange is that in RecordNowMax 4.6 I could choose in the past with Sony Dru510A wich speed I wanted, like 1x, 2x or 4x, but with this Plextor burner it only shows Min, Mid and Max. But even if I choose Min, it still burns at 4 x speed. Please help me.

Maybe your 4x media can only be burned at 4x. Using a lower recording speed is even not recommended since the discs are optimized for 4x recording and not lower speeds. I have bought several 4x DVD+R discs and they all have the following warning on them:


This disc is compliant with the new standards for 1x-4X speed DVD+R recording. Attempting to use this disc with 2.4X speed DVD+RW/+R drives that do not support 4X recording speeds may result in writing errors, failures in retrieval of data, or damage to the data recorded on this media. To use this media, you need the newest firmware for your drive.[/i]
Why don’t you want to burn at 4x? Does this speed give you recording errors? Unfortunately I am not familiar with RecordNow, have you tried other software like Nero (although I doubt it will make a difference). Please report back.

Well I burn XBOX Games on those dvd-r and Nero I tried but not good for xbox games for me. I have no errors on 4x speed, but I just heard often using 4 x speed for xbox games, can lead to games that will not work after a short period like couple of months.

The reseason of that is because of burning the games on too high speed. That is what I heard often of course and I think in my opinion burning xbox games on lower speed like 2 x is more reliable.

Also it is not because of the media that only can be burned on 4x, because I also had Sony DRU510A burning on same media with RecordNowMax 4.6 and then I could simply choose 1x, 2x and 4x in the burning software and when I choose 2x, it actually burned them on 2x.

With Plextor I only can choose Min, Mid and Max as burning speed in RecordNowMax 4.60 and even I choose for Min, it still burns the Images at 4x Speed.

I suggest it is not the fault of Media but Plextor burner with combiantion of RecordNowMax and the media I use. Because I also burned a game on same Media with Plextor burner in Nero and in Nero I could choose 1x, 2x and 4x as speed, but there it actually did burn the Games on 2x and not 4 wich it does in RecordNowMax 4.60.