Px 708a updated to 1.03 doesn't work now

After updating firmware to 1.03 My plex can’t read (play) dvd movies…will not record cdr’s or dvdr just hangs in the lead in …in all software… I use…cdrwin…nero6.0.0.19 even tried the bundled. Had no problems before. Anyone else having these problems with the new firmware?

I also have a px 24/10/40a in same box…works fine with all software.

winxp pro
p4 2.4
512 ram

Sounds like you’ve fried the rom with the upgrade.

Try and upgrade again…


I did…still the same :frowning:

Oh, it sounds bad!! I’ve upgraded to 1.03 with no problem at all, and so have everyone else I think. Maybe you can downgrade to 1.02 or contact Plextor for help?

Just some thoughts.