PX-708a taiyo yuden speed problem

Lo all,

i bought some TAIYO YUDEN dvds 1-16x compatible but my px-708 only able to write them at 4x(with nero 7).I have bought those kind of discs again and didnt have write speed problem that time. I used them also to a friends nec drive and it can write them normally at 16x.What causes this problem and doesnt let me write them at 8x?? :confused:

PS:i have latest firmware installed(1.12)

The max DVD-R speed for the 708A is 4x. You didn’t mention if the discs were DVD-R or DVD+R. If they’re DVD+R, the drive probably doesn’t have proper support for 16x discs in the firmware and so uses a default 4x strategy.

the disks r DVD-R idd.it never happened to buy dvd-r till now :eek: ,the 2 years that i use it, so i didnt know that couldnt write them at 8x like the +R ones.

Thanks for the answer m8.

Yeah, Plextor released two drives with non-matching DVD-R and DVD+R speeds; the 708A with 8x DVD+R and 4x DVD-R, then the 712A with 12x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R. It wasn’t until the 716A that the speeds became the same for both formats.