PX-708A & slave device?


I know that Plextor recommends using the PX-708A alone on his own controller channel but have some of you been successfull in running the drive with another device (DVD-ROM or CD writer for example) ?

Thanks in advance.


My PX-708A is connected as a secondery master and my Plextor W4012A (CDRW) is connected as a secondery slave.No problems at all.

I have my Plextor 708A as secondary master and my Toshiba 1612 dvd-rom as secondary slave. I have no problems with it.

PENT 4 2.4 GHZ
Plextor 708A
Toshiba 1612 (2)
Toshiba 1712
Plextor 40X12X40 CD BURNER
Plextor 48X24X48 CD BURNER

Mine is on the secondary SLAVE position, PlexWriter Premium is the MASTER. No problems here. Generally speaking you can connect your PX-708A to MASTER or SLAVE, only when you are experiecing problems is it recommended to attach the drive as secondary MASTER.