PX-708a S/PDIF connection question

Let me explain what my system has:

I have an ASUS P4PE motherboard. On the motherboard, I have the following internal audio connectors; 4 Pin CD1, and 4 Pin AUX1. I also have have a Digital Audio Connector (4-1 pin SPDIF1). This is connected to an SPDIF module sitting in an expansion slot space, with an external coax output connection, and an external optical connection. I have a Sony CD-RW Drive, and a Plextor 708-A DVD Drive. Both are internal. The Sony drive has an analog audio output connector (4 Pin). The Plextor also has an analog audio output connector (4 Pin), and also has a digital audio output connector (2 Pin). I understand to connect the Sony CD drive to the 4 Pin CD1 connector on the motherboard, and to connect the Plextor DVD drive to the 4 Pin AUX1 connector, but what would I connect the digital audio output connector to? The only SPDIF connection on the motherboard is the one the SPDIF module is already plugged into, and the module has no other inputs other than the one already connected to the motherboard. There doesn’t appear to be any other SPDIF inputs on the motherboard; but then where does the SPDIF module get it’s signal from? Any help or info would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Check the documentation for your module, but I would guess that you need a new cable and would route the SPDIF audio from the drive to your module, instead of from the motherboard to the module. If you only have the one input, it should come from the drive.

I thought of that, but the SPDIF output on the Plextor is 2 pin, while the SPDIF connection on the motherboard and module is 4 pin. I have not seen a digital audio cable that that’s 2 pin on one side and 4 pin on the other.

What does the documentation on the module indicate? If you don’t have it, try a web search for a tech document. The S/PDIF 2 pin connector is signal/ground. I don’t know what your 4 pin connector might be, so you need to check.

According to the manual, the pinout is as follows



Sorry, hit the wrong key, is it understandable now?

I was trying to replicate the diagram from my manual, but it looks like the pins are as follows: 5V power, no pin, SPDIF Signal, Ground. If I plug the 2 pin cable from the DVD drive into just SPDIF and Ground, should that work? Just ignore the Power pin?

Since the drive does not need the power, plugging it into the signal/ground should work. You can verify with your vendor to be sure, but it should work.

Who is the vendor of the module?

I assume it’s ASUS, it came in the same box as my ASUS P4PE Motherboard.

I’m checking the manual…looks like an SPDIF output from your module, not an input you can plug the drive into. Will try to find out for you.

Looks like the CD1 and AUX 4 pin connectors are for your analog input from the drive. The SPDIF module appears to use the 6 pin output of the mobo. There appears to be 3 different SPDIF boards. An “Out” only, an “All” with a coax input/output and fiber optic in/out connectors, and a COA board, with coax in/out connector. Doesn’t look like you have a choice here. You may be able to plug into the module’s 6 pin connector using just the signal/ground pins, but ???

I really appreciate your checking that out for me, but I think you’ve got the wrong mobo manual. Here’s a link to the one I have:


The following is from page 2-28 of the mobo manual:

  1. Digital audio connector (4-1 pin SPDIF1)

This connector is for the bundled S/PDIF audio module that allows
digital instead of analog sound output. Connect one end of the audio
cable to the S/PDIF Out connector on the motherboard, and the other
end to the S/PDIF module.

Once I get a 2-pin audio cable, I’ll try going from the DVD drive direct to the module, ignoring the power pin on the module. I’m still confused as to where a SPDIF signal would be input into the mobo, since it seems to only have an SPDIF output, but I guess that’s more a mobo question than a DVD connection questions. Thanks again for your time.

That’s what I looked at. I think since the module is a standalone unit and provides SPDIF output (or input from an external source), you’ll need the +5 from the mobo. You might just try tapping in the signal/ground from the drive into the 4 wire connector. Clip the signal/ground at the mobo end of your cable, but keep the +5. Connect a two wire SPDIF connector from the drive to the signal/ground wires going to the module.

Good luck.