PX-708A region problem

I have recently purchased the Plextor 708a drive and installed it just today. When I first started up the machine I tried to put the movie “beverly hills cop” into play it on the new drive to see how it works. But when I opened Windows Media Player to play the disc I was greated by a message that stated that the playback of this disc was not allowed because of the region. The message also showed that the drive was operating on region 2 but the settings window for the drive has it set to region one. And everything is all greyed out and I can not change any of the options for it. The window that I am talking about is the drive settings window that you get when you right click the drive in my computer and click on the properties button. If anyone has any idea what is going wrong with this thing any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

Where did you purchase your 708A from? If I’m not mistaken if the drive is set to region 2 then it wasn’t purchased in USA or CANADA.


A fresh installed drive is not set to any region. I have never put a Video-DVD into my PX-708A, so the device-manager stills says that the region is “not selected” for this drive. I think the region depends on the region of the first Video-DVD you put in the drive. If you have a new drive with no region set, Windows will set the region to match the DVD.

Are you sure there was never a region-2 Video-DVD used in this drive?


You could try a tool like AnyDVD to remove the region protection… There are also many other software tools that can do this for you.

…or get a region free firmware.
http://tdb.rpc1.org/ - Appears to be down at the moment.

If you have all your DVDs from the same region, you’ll get the prompt for setting the region once on the first disc. The drive allows 5 settings changes, so you would get the prompt if you used videos outside your geographical region and would be unable to change it after five settings. If this happened when you inserted the first DVD video, and it was a new drive, and you can’t play it, the drive is hosed.