Px-708a Reads Cd's But Not Dvd's, Help Pls



Hello, I have the plextor 708A. I’ve had it for about a year and 2 months now. It was working fine, until I decided to update the firmware to 1.09, it worked, but when I did other hardware updates on my system, things went kookoo with the drive. I’ll insert a blank dvd, or dvd with media, even movie dvds bought from the retailers, and it will light up light green, then go blank and into about 2 orange blinks, over and over.

I’ve switched the drive from slave to master, removed jumper to make it ultra dma, which also included me trying 3 different firmwares, 1.06, 1.09, and 1.10. No luck, and the drive reads cds without a problem, only issue is with dvds. The self test was tried around last month or so with plextor tech support, back when the rep almost was going to have me rma, but it worked after the 1.09 patch. So we didn’t rma it, but at the time I was pushing my luck because he said the warranty was about to be void in a matter of days.

He said after that I’d be better off replacing it, then trying to get it repaired by Plextor. So here I am a month or so later, thinking I’m going to have to replace it, but I hope someone here might have some good solution.



Did it ever work correctly with this new hardware setup of yours?


yes, and all the hardware is the same, i only did software updates, and the only new programs i have been trying where for system temperature monitoring. recently i made hardware modifications to my video card, but i don’t think that has anything to do with it. its kind of like a snowball thing, after i upgraded the firmware, thats when this drive decided to give me problems. i even reinstalled the whole roxio suit that came with it the 708a drive

P4 2.8c
Crucial 1gig mem
WD hard drive
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Asus 9800xt 256mb (Zalman cooling)
Plextor 708A dvd burner
Sony CD-burner/DVD player
Antec 480w powersupply
5-80mm case fans
Antec server case


in my opinion roxio software sucks. when the 708a drive was released there were reports that the roxio software caused some software conflicts. i would suggest you do the self test again and if it fails then contact plextor for a RMA if you still have a warranty left.


ok, ill try the self test again. seems your suggesting i not use the roxio stuff. what’s better that i can try for dvd movie viewing.
looks like you got some monster systems (nice) :slight_smile:

…is the HIJ… the firmware your using with the 708A?


a 2 amber blink pattern on a Plextor drive with the cable disconnect (only power attached) indicates a laser failure, to make sure test other discs of the same format, if the drive reads cd and not DVD then it is the DVD laser and vice versa for CD. Since support for Plextor has changed I am not sure how they honor warranty periods as of lately, since you called before the warranty expired if they have records they may honor the warranty if not then good luck.


you could use power dvd to view your dvds but you’ll have to pay for it. do a search on google to find software that plays back dvds on your pc.

for burning dvds you could download a trial version of NERO BURN or use DECRYPTER to burn iso images to dvd blanks. :slight_smile:


thanks for everyones advice, ill be trying the self test again, and talking to plextor about an rma if able. if no rma, i’ve already been pricing some other burners, gonna try a different brand next time unfortunately