PX 708A reading speed problem and stuff


I am currently ripping my CD library, and sometimes the reading speed resets to 8x. It can NOT be changed in PlexTools, it will reset back immediately. Sometimes the problem just goes away automatically, I do not yet know in which conditions.

When using Exact Audio Copy the reading speed works in an odd way, the drive first reads a variable amount of data in slow speed and when spins up more… And sometimes it never spins up more.

It is said that PlexTools also provides accurate ripping of CDs, it seems to be much faster then EAC, I suppose this happens, because it relies on C2 error detection. Is the C2 as good method as what EAC uses, and does C2 work properly with this unit?

The drive (and the computer) is pretty new so I have not yet tried burning different medias and so forth. Once the drive went into state there it would not recognize any CD. Only boot helped. Also I think that this drive recognizes CD / CD-R slower than my old Samsung CD-R/RW. Is this typical for new DVD enabled drives?


Even complete power down of the system will not help, the fucking drive just remembers the 8x mode. I have not yet detected any suspicious blinkings of the led which could reveal something. Is it normal, that after inserting a CD, during the initial spinup and few seconds after that while disc is spinning the yellow led blinks rhytmichally?

Since the C2 checking option is not “available” for this drive in PlexTools, perhaps C2 is not properly implemented? And I ripped with PlexTools a CD which was VERY slow to rip with EAC. PlexTools just breezed through apparently without detecting any errors.

I just sent a email to Plextor technical support.

When ripping audio CD’s with a Plextor drive it’s best to use PlexTools since it was designed for Plextor drives. It relies on C2 error information and although I’m no expert, I know that PlexTools works better than EAC. When the Plextor drive sets the read speed back to 8x it’s probably because it cannot read the disc at a higher speed because of the low quality of the disc. And it’s indeed true that a DVD recorder, and especially the PX-708A, needs more time to recognize a CD when it’s inserted. Nothing to worry about here, it’s normal.

Thanks! I have tried PlexTools, but was using EAC since a friend recommended it. I just became suspicious, since I had one bad CD which caused much trouble for EAC. PlexTools just breezed through like there was no errors. The friend tried the same CD and found many errors… So you are saying, that there is a working C2 implementation in PX-708A? EAC did not detect it.

It is also odd that this 8x internal setting can be on for hours, even if I rip many CDs in perfect condition (according to EAC). It seems to change randomly back to 17-40x…

It is also irritating that PlexTools is integrated into Lame in such a way, that all parameters can not be passed to Lame. I would be interested into those “standard setting” parameters recommended by expers. I am currently using those for Lame in EAC. In addition PlexTools & Lame seem not to put proper ID tags to created MP3s.