PX-708a Problem

I have Windows Xp, and for about 4 years My Plextor PX-708A served me well with Reading, burning etc etc.

For a few weeks now, (After reinstalling XP, wiping my computer clean) The Drive will not read any CDs or DVDs.

Everything is detected, And it does work for about a minute apon Explorer.exe loading, afterwhich, it just keeps spinning any disc inside it and If Anything is in the process of installing, it crashs the program, Then i can’t even open it, or my other plain old CD reader.

If I want to eject the disc, I need to stick a pin in the hole and push, buuut the Disc keeps spinning, and the Reader doesn’t stop.

I’ve tried upgrading the firmware, Uninstalling / reinstalling the drive, practically everything.

Nothing helps.

Hope you could :-p


  • Same goes with copying files

I also tried entering BIOS and changing the boot priority, unplugging the drive and re plugging / exchnage it with the CD drive, just about everything.

Mmm I did more testing using my other drive and normal Cds, and the problem is not only with the Plextor, same symptoms, every drive, so if somebody could close this thread and direct me to where I’d need to go… very much appriciated, ty.

Sorry for the trouble.

EDITED - Here for more details http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1806635#post1806635