PX-708A now only burns at 1x?

I have been using my burner for some time now (1+ years) and in the last 3 weeks it has gone from consistently burning my 4x Arita media at 8x to now 1x. I have checked the DMA setting and its ok. I think the problem started when I upgraded my firmware from 1.09 to 1.11. After this, (I think so), my burner dropped to only burning at 1x and with the same media (bunch of DVDs) that I had always used. Should I try and change back to 1.09? Is that possible? Any other suggestions of things I should look at?


Are you sure that DMA is set and active? During the burn session, does the drive’s buffer underrun technique kick in a lot? If it does it’s a sure sign that there is a DMA related problem (read: it’s not active). I think this because it’s not likely for the drive to record at 1X because its lowest supported speed for DVD+R discs is 2.4X. It can’t record at lower speeds than that. Or are you using Arita DVD-R discs? For DVD-R 1X is possible (but still unlikely).

When I go to device manager, IDE secondary shows Ultra DMA 2 as active. Is there something else I should check to ensure this is correct? My primary IDE showed “Ultra DMA 5” as active. The buffer doesn’t seem to have an issue during the burn (I think), but I am not sure how to tell other than looking at the number of bytes or whatever is in the buffer. I am using DVD+R disks.
I have actually now reverted to 1.09 to see if that makes any difference.

Another test you can do is Burst Rate test using Nero CD-DVD Speed (press F6). A burst rate of 23-24MB/s ensure you have a correct DMA setting. Make sure you have a burnt DVD inside the drive for the test.

Thanks Zevia. I re-installed firmware 1.09 (before your post) and just burnt a DVD+RW at 4x (previously 1x with 1.11), so it would appear that my burner just doesn’t like the newer firmware. It was one of the first units to come out, so maybe that has something to do with it. I did install 1.11 twice but this didn’t seem to help. Now with the 1.09 firmware I had a burst rate of 27mb, so I think my DMA setting was always fine but my drive didn’t like the updates.

Strange, mine makes no difference with the new firmware installed back in August.
Same speeds as before.

Try this after flash firmware v1.11, reboot
go to manager device, delete secondary, primary reboot
go back to your device and set DMA reboot then it should be ok