PX-708A, nForce 250Gb bad Backups

I’m back with more problems…

I have recently upgraded my system to the K8N Neo Platinum Edition (nForce3 250Gb chipset). I have an AMD64 3200+ running at stock speeds, 1 Gig of Corsair TwinX1024-3200LLPT running at the stock (via SPD) settings of 2-2-2-6, the same Optical drives as before one LiteOn 16x DVD Player and one Plextor PX-708A DVD Burner but I have now upgraded to firmware 1.07. My System is Windows XP Pro with SP2 v.2149 which has been slipstreamed onto my setup disk. All my hard drives are Serial ATA drives only, Maxtor and Seagate and two Raptors. I DO NOT have my sound card (Audigy2 ZS) installed as of yet so I dont know if that could be what is wrong. I have nForce drivers installed but they are the ones previous to the July 19th released drivers which I will be installing here shortly. I am currently using DVD Cloner II for backing up.

OK, here is what is happening. Ever since I have upgraded I have not been able to sucessfully back up a DVD. I am only a quarter of the way done but now all backups are failing. They seem to work at first but after 10 maybe 30 or so chapters into the movie it freezes. I at first suspected my DVD Player (Sony) was at fault but it also freezes when played back with both my LiteOn and Plextor drives, and at the same exact identicle spot. I do not know what to do about it. I am not willing to give up on my efforts (as of yet) to protect my investment. But it is becoming more pain than gain. Can someone anyone who has knowledge about this stuff help me out please. I have purchased half a dozen burning softwares and I am afraid to continually keep throwing away DVD coasters…

I do not know where to go from here…

It would help if you told us what software and brands of dvd media you are using. Try using DVD SHRINK & DVD DECRYPTER which are freeware.



I just have the usual remark to do… using nForce drivers is OK, but it is well known that using the accelerated IDE drivers from nVidia causes a lot of problems to many people (look at this search on the forum)… is it your case?



I have posted this same question over at nforcehq as well here is the link…


Now I want to thank you guys for helping out. So thank you very much…

I have tried several things and none have solved the problem as of yet. As I said in the other forum I have nearly 900 DVD’s to backup or should I say keeping the kids away from the originals and we purchase anywhere from 5 -20 new DVD’s every month. I do not have time to try all kinds of apps just to backup a simple DVD movie. I need a 1 click app to do all the work and DVD Cloner II fits the bill. It worked fine on my last rig so there is no reason why I cant get it to work on this newer faster rig… My previous rig was the Asus K8V Deluxe using the K8T800 Chipset and now I am using the MSI K8N Neo Platinum with the NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb with the same memory, same CPU, same Plextor 708A Burner, same LiteOn 16X DVD player for ripping. My media has not changed as I have three diferent brands to currently chose from Memorex, TDK and Verbatim all are DVD+R 4x and all is on the recommended list at Plextor.com. I again am using DVD Cloner II to burn the disks but I have tried 1Click as well with the same error… I have burned to each media with the same error and the hard drive as well with the same exact error. Today I used DVD Decrypter to rip into an ISO, then I used PowerDVD 5 to play it and it played flawlessly, then I used DVD Cloner II to transcode the movie only and burned it to the drive and I got the same exact error. It does not matter what app I use to burn I get the same exact error over and over and over again… It freezes when playing the finished product wether it be on media or on the hard drive and it seems to freeze in the same areas within the movie. AND, it freezes on all 6 DVD Players I have in the house…

Any ideas I should try?

I am updating my BIOS here in a few minutes but I do not think that will help any… I have a feeling it is a hardware issue and that I need to relax my settings.

OK I have now done everything I can think of. I have flashed my BIOS with the latest version. I have adjusted settings within to relaxed and still nothing fixed the problem. I have tried using the Microsoft IDE drivers, the NVIDIA IDE drivers and still nothing. The only thing I have not done is remove SP2 which will require a freash install of XP as I slipstreamed SP2 into my setup disk. Not really excited about doing that. I know Microsoft wouldnt make all DVD Burning software not work with SP2 so that is not an option as of yet.

Any ideas? Please…

It doesn’t seem like it’s a hardware conflict. Try uninstalling DVD CLONER and use DVD SHRINK to compress and burn with NERO burn. As for your SP2 in XP I just read in the newspaper that software companies have not yet been able to patch their products in time for the SP2. So it could very well be you’re having a software conflict but it’s due to SP2. One suggestion could be to just use SP1 for now until software companies can provide patches for their software. Or try as I suggested by using DVD SHRINK and burn with NERO.
I tried to find the article I read about XP SP2 but I found at pcworld.com a article about how older applications may not work with SP2.

Hope this helps you out! :slight_smile:

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Go into your motherboard BIOS and override the memory timings to 3-3-3 (CL=3, Trcd=3, Trp=3). It is possible that the memory layout of your new motherboard is not quite as robust as that of your old motherboard, and the memory subsystem on your new board may have become destabilized. 2-2-2 timing for PC3200 (400MHz) memory speed is aggressive; standard PC3200 memory should have 3-3-3 timing. Even if the processor and memory are up to the job of handling 2-2-2 timing, the memory signal routing on the motherboard may be the weak link.

  2. Windows XP SP2 has not been released by Microsoft yet, and v.2149 is not the final release. If you keep using it you may eventually encounter an expiration notice, and possibly get locked out of the OS. You should wait until Microsoft releases the final version of SP2.

  3. Since you have a LiteOn DVD-ROM, you can use Kprobe2 to scan the DVD disks you burned, to see if there are high error rates at the failure point. Kprobe2 scans with LiteOn DVD-ROM drives cannot be compared against those done with LiteOn DVDRW burners, but should help you confirm whether your burned disks are really coasters or not.