PX-708A new firmware version 1.09

Available on plextor europe:


Write performance on CD-R media
Compatibility with some DVD recorders

thanks for the heads up! interesting that they released another FW for this drive.


Yes interesting, I thought 708 and 712 are already “end of life”. I think we can expect to have new fw for 712a as well. :smiley:

It’s a Verbatim DataLife+ 24 CD-RW. The same disc (was burned at least 20 times during last year) full erase before burns, erased with Premium 1.05.

First burned with 1.08 the second one with 1.09. I don’t know if the difference is just a coincidence with the rainy weather or if it was really improved by the new firmware.

Nice of Plextor!

Not much of an improvement there, Arrow. But every little bit helps, of course. =)

I’ve been having problems reading DVD+R burned by previous firmware versions ever since I upgraded to 1.08. I hope upgrading to 1.09 solves this problem.

Sorry it went just blank.

drpino said: “interesting that they released another FW for this drive”
and zevia added : “Yes interesting, I thought 708 and 712 are already “end of life””

We know nowadays product rotations are quite fast and 708, became before 712 and well before 716, but is end of life the usability of the device?
As we know that firmware deals with the list of usable media, and new maximum speeds are coming to the market, as well as new brands, aren’t we entitled to use the recorder with them (within the machine’s limitations, of course…)

It is (or shall I say it WAS) normal that a manufacturer is supposed to guarantee spares for a certain number of years after dewcontinuing a product (how long was 708 discontinued on a world basis?), and firmware is no more that usubility conditions maintenance.

Sony still issues firmware updates for “old” 500…so, if there is something wrong with previous versions or the need to add new media, I consider is still time for Plextor to keep 708 in the list…with no favour at all!!!

“end of life” just means they are not producing the drive anymore. obviously they’re still supporting it to an extent. for how long? who knows…

Is there a hacked version yet?

Well, yes. See http://tdb.rpc1.org/#PX708A

how’s the 1.09 update?

I havent had any problems with it but I havent really burnt much of anything since I got my 716a.

thanks… :slight_smile:

For me i didn’t notice much difference since 1.08. See above.

No it seems fine m8 :wink:

Today available on Plextor America website too (a bit later…):


Date posted: April 6, 2005

Improved the writing performance on CD-R media

Improved the reading compatibility of discs created with the PX-708 on other DVD recorders.

nice heads up PegasoLabs…thanks.

hey thanks…!!!