PX-708A My rights to burn at any Speed

I use Nero and have 1.02 firmware.

shows Certified write speed: 4X on DataMart DVD-R.

Nero shows only 2.4X as the max speed.
(Funny: I burn at 2.4 for my DataMart DVD-R , 2.4 is for rewrite and 1x, 2x, 4x is for DVD-R)

Why am I not allowed to burn at 4X speed with any media…it is my medias, so if the disc fails it is my own fault and my money.

If I start Nero WITHOUT any inserted disc, it will only show 2.4 as the maximum burning speed.
Should it not show 8X ?? (like 52 X CD-R on my Plextor Premium).

I want to burn at 4X EVEN if the disk fails !!!

…And YES I have tried to disable the PowerRec in Nero.

If anyone can solve or explain this problem with plextor 708A, i would be happy cos i’ve around 200 pieces of DATAMART, and i hate the fact that i have to burn all those dvds with my plex at 2x…

Kind Regards


i Have the same problem here, i have been using white label and bulkpaq dvd-r. my writer worked fine for the first week but afterwards it was doing the same as you stated would not detect media, say 2.4 instead of 4x or even 2x. dvd+R ritec and richo media 4x it would say 8 x in nero but when you tried to copy to the media it said unable to fill buffer. It burns discs which are unreadable and says burn complete. This drive sucks

Why on earth do you want to save a few minutes and then end up with discs that are unreadable? Why are you focusing on speed instead of quality? If you want speed, use one of the recommended brands of DVD+R media. I run with Verbatim and Memorex +R (RICOHJPN) and consistently run at 8x.

If Nero is reporting 2.4x with DVD-R media, it probably is a bug, since DVD-R will only run at 1, 2, or 4x. Check the latest 6.0.028 version if you haven’t updated

With PoweRec on, the drive checks a media catalog in the firmware and matches the vendor ADIP with whatever the factory has determined to be optimum recording speeds. If the media is rated at 4x for DVD-R by the vendor, but the media tested by the factory is garbage, the factory setting may only allow for 2x or 1x. Always run with the latest firmware, since these media catalogs are updated with the firmware. If you’re running at 1.02, you may get your problem solved by flashing to 1.03 or later.

With PoweRec off, it looks at the vendor speeds in the ADIP and sets the maximum speed accordingly. If you still only get 2x, that may be on the disc, and not what the vendor claims. With PoweRec off, if the media is poor quality, your error rate will generally make it unreadable.

If you’re getting garbage recordings, try a good piece of media. The problem is generally with the shoddy quality of the cheap media. You DO get what you pay for.

I think i do buy decent media thanks. I have reitec dvd+R and Ricoh dvd +r branded media at £1.25 a disc from svp is not cheap. And yes i have had my setting as stated by you.