PX-708A I/O error reading burned disks



I did a search and I couldn’t find anything on this, plus I’m not really good with hardware, but the problem is this:

I can run games and dvds from my plextor dvdr px-708a but when I try to read a disk I burned, all 84908409 of them, and they did work recently (not sure what happened I have no installed anything conflicting/releated to my dvd player lately) it just comes up as an I/O error. I’m unsure why or what to do. I’m really upset because I burned several disks of my art and family stuff to many disks I always could read, just a few weeks ago, and now I can’t read them, and my older pc can’t read these disks (never could), so I am at a loss…

If anyone can help, you’d be my hero. I’m completely confused on what to do and I apologize if this issue was posted somewhere else I didn’t see.


Uh?? :confused:


If the discs worked previously and suddenly don’t, I would suspect the cause to be poor media, poor storage technique or combination of both. What type of media did you use to archive your data and how were they stored?

You indicated that you tried in another PC so that should rule out a faulty drive.