PX-708A firmware v1.09 vs v1.08



Any problems with update firmware v1.09 CD/DVD vs v1.08, I don’t see problem yet! Have anybody try it ?


after 1.09 my dvd’s are not working.


Mine work.


My writed dvd’s are not working.Nero cannot verify dvd’s. :a


no problem, and surprisingly improved reading of fake TY DVD-R (burned and almost not readable with fw 1.08)


No difference, burns and reads everything, new and old.
I burnt about 20 DVD after the upgrade whit no problem.
TY+R 8x, Ritek+R 8x and Maxell -R 4x.


no probs here. alsancak, nero has a bug that causes verification to fail. can you do read transfer tests on the discs instead? do they play (if movies)?


I was just wondering, new firmware always seem to come out in Europe first then the American web site gets it around two weeks later. Is there a difference between the Europe release compared to the American release or are they EXACTELY the same? I just want to be sure I’m not wasting my time waiting for the American release. Thanks in advance for the reply!

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it’s usually Japan first…then the rest of Asia…then Europe (Belgium) then US. all firmwares of a given version are identical though the US division claims they do additional testing to determine full compatibility with US software. that’s just a cover for a lazy webmaster :wink: