PX-708A firmware (maybe dumb question)

I just updated my PX-708A firmware to 1.03

Restart Windows,
Message given upon reboot:
“Please wait while windows updates your configuration files”

Doesn’t firmware just upgrade the Flash Eprom in the drive??

This seems like a dumb question, but what is installed in windows when upgrading firmware for the PX-708A?

Thank You,

ok i havent updated my drive to this firmware version.
but as far as i read somewhere…windows re-detects and rerecognize the drive after a firmware update.
you better restart twice after doing a firmware update.

Yes, that’s correct NoLimit. In my case, when I do a firmware upgrade in Windows XP, after reboot I can see the new hardware found icon in the system tray. Also, when I look at the contents of My Computer I can see the drive disappearing and re-appearing after it has been detected. I don’t reboot twice, once it has been re-detected it’s ready to be used.