PX-708a does not like blank media

I just moved, and I tried to burn a DVD for the first time in my new place. Windows 2000 seems to hang on any I/O related function when I put blank media in the drive! The drive reads DVDs just fine. But when I put the blank disc in, you can hear the drive working…but nothing happens.

Any ideas? Is it just dead?

Try running the self test to determine whether it’s the drive or something else: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767#general-defective

OK The self test with a CD ended in success in about 20 minutes.

Self test with a DVD has been going for over an hour!

Do you know if the light-blink thing repeats over and over? I’d hate to walk away from this thing and have it do the one-blink or two-blink step only once…and I miss it!