PX-708A Disk Reading question

Is it possible to set up the PX-708A to always read in the faster mode instead of doing the 3-second button push all the time?

If so, is there any reason I wouldn’t want to always read in the faster mode?


The limit to 40x read except when hitting the eject button is because reading discs at 52x that may be damaged around the hub or have cracks in the polycarbonate can result in the disc disintegrating and shards flying out of the drive. The drive front has been reinforced to prevent that, but it could total the drive. Just check out the warning labels on all the 52-54x CD0ROM/CD-RW drives. They all say to check the media and not to use any damaged media in the drive. Plextor sets it up so that you have to manually enable 52x for each disc. This protects you and the drive.

Is this true for the DVD reading speed? I only use the 3-second button trick for reading a DVD at the 3.0-6.0x speed instead of the standard 2.0x.

I don’t care much as far as the 40x vs. 52x CD reading is concerned - that would only shave off a few seconds, whereas changing from 2.0x to 6.0x average DVD reading cuts the time down by quite a few minutes.

Is reading DVDs at any speed faster than 2.0x potentially hazardous to the drive?


Yeah it is true for the DVD too. Too bad it is not the other way around.

The story of my life - unsafe at any speed. :smiley: