PX-708A cannot read anymore what it wrote

I own a PX-708A which worked fine for the past three years. Currently it is giving me headaches.

  • [li]It cannot read DVDs it wrote in the past (these discs can still be read in other drives)
    [/li][li]It can read retail DVD-video discs
    [/li][li]Writing fails most of the time on DVD+R (Traxdata RICOHJPN R01-002, Imation CMC MAG E01, Philips +RW). When it succeeds, it cannot read the media anymore so a verify fails (in this case the discs can be read successfully and without errors in a different drive).

Now with a number of coasters I suspect this to be a hardware issue. Questions:

[li] Anyone who can support this or has a different opinion?
[/li][li] If so, I presume this drive is too old to have it repaired; suggestions for a new one? I don’t need higher speeds, just a quality drive that is not very selective to the media it writes to.

You can’t avoid higher speeds, all the burners out now are 16x. Some of them won’t burn slower than 4x on the 8x and faster discs. That said, the BenQ drives seem to be very popular (DW1640, DW1650 and DW1655). Or, you could go the Plextor route again and pick up a 755A since you’re in Europe and they’re available there.

1640/1693or P6/1650/1655/110/A10/1608(ASUS)/4550/3550