PX-708a burning problem

After burning approximately 30 disks at 8x on memorex dvd+r 16x disks, my 708 is failing. I can no longer get a usable disk (video) on this media even burning at 4x. Have retried 8 times and get the same result. I tried burning the same video at 4x onto memorex dvd+r 4x media and get a good result. I dont understand why it wont burn onto the 16x media after it was doing so for 30 disks. This problem surfaced during one session on my pc after 2 successful burns, all of a sudden when I tried the next video it didnt work. No changes to system settings or software at all, just using nero and changing the contents of the files to be burned. Does this sound like the drive is just “dead” as far as faster burning is concerned or did it somehow lose its recongnition of 16x disks? Have a benq on the way, but dont really want to just waste this drive if I dont have to. Thanks!!

Use the RECOMMENDED BRANDS of DVD MEDIA that PLEXTOR supports. What firmware are you using? MEMOREX isn’t on the RECOMMENDED LIST by PLEXTOR. Download DVDINFO PRO or DVD IDENTIFIER to find out the MEDIA ID (manufacturer) of those MEMOREX DVD MEDIA. My bet is they’re probably CMC media id which is crappy media for the 708a drive. CMC maybe on the COMPATIBLE LIST OF DVD MEDIA but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will work well with the 708A drive. I suggest you do the diagnostic test on the drive to rule out if it’s dead or not. My 708A drive is good for dvd media that is scratched and still burns well to 4x media. :smiley:

Thanks for your reply, I’m using firmware version 1.11 and identified the disk as phillips. Just seems strange it would burn about 30 in a row just fine and then all of a sudden no longer be able to burn to that media. I’ll get some of the recommended media and do the diagnostics. Any problems there and I’ll just pitch it. Thanks again.