PX-708A Buffer Problem

Hi all

I have a problem that when i burn DVD/CD the buffer start to jump from 100% to 13% every 2 sec. resulting in a burn of 40min DVD (instead of the usual 13Min). the DVD/CD data works fine after the burn.
Also the performance is so slow and laggy now when this happens…

i started to have this problem recentely. Using same Media as before.
Burning with Nero
PC Specs:
AMD 64 3400+, 1GB Ram, Win XP.

what could cause this new problem? should i give the burner to repair? or maybe some problem with the eye or something?

Apperciate your help.


Is DMA enabled.


Well i tried it to no avail…

i Changed my Secondry IDE channel, Device 1 to DMA if Available - though it is say that current transfer mode is PIO. whats the differenece between DMA and PIO?
(everything else is set to DMA).

though i dont think its the issue here.
again, i started to have this problem just recentely. and i didnt make any system changes. thats y i wonder if it can be related to the hardware itself - maybe need to clean eye? or do some check…

plz advice me :bow:

I’d say it’s very likely that no DMA is your problem. Don’t know the technical details, but DMA is much faster than PIO. If data isn’t transferred fast enough, you get buffer underrun problems (I have the same drive, but this problem has been around ever since I got my first cd burner in 1999).
If trying to enable in windows doesn’t work, you’ve got at least two options. First, got to plextor homepage and download and install new firmware: current version is 1.09
After rebooting maybe it will set automatically to dma, or maybe if you set in manually this time it will actually work.
Option 2 is less pleasent, but it has worked for me (do at your own risk):

start -> run -> regedit
Can’t activate dma for a drive:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Within this key you will find several subkeys. Most likely you will see the following:

0000 (for the IDE controller)
0001 (for the Primary IDE channel)
0002 (for the Secondary IDE channel)

Each of these subkeys has a named valued called “DriverDesc” that will make it clear to you to which component they correspond. Open the subkey corresponding to the channel on which your troublesome drive is located. Then, if the troublesome drive is the master, delete the “MasterIdDataChecksum” named value. Or, if the troublesome drive is the slave, delete the “SlaveIdDataChecksum” named value. Reboot

your secondary IDE channel oerating in PIO ( the slowest) mode is the problem. it should be operating in UDMA. to correct the problem uninstall the secondary IDe channel then reboot when windows restarts it will reinstall the secondary IDE channel automatically and it should then be operating in UDMA 2 mode.

The FAQ is your friend: My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.

Thanx iss, and all you other guys :slight_smile:

it worked…

funny that it switched to PIO by itself, i think…

appreciate your help ppl, thanx again :smiley:

This is a common problem unfortunately with Windows XP. When XP ‘sees’ that the drive has reported errors a certain amount of times it will decrease its DMA mode to PIO mode 4.

good to know, thanx :slight_smile: