PX-708A and TuffDisc CD-RW



I’ve got a PX-708A (firmware 1.06), and have been attempting to burn a TuffDisc 32x CD-RW using Nero

If I use Nero InfoTool on the CD it tells me:
Medium Info: Mitsubishi, 1 X CD-RW, 79:54.74

But if I try to write to the CD using Nero it just tells me the drive is empty (despite the fact that Nero InfoTool has successfully read data from the CD).

Has anybody ever successfully used one of these TuffDisc CD-RW’s?




The PX-708 doesn’t support writing to 32x (Ultra-Speed+) CD-RW, so you need to get different CD-RW media. You could also get a newer burner that supports 32x (UltraSpeed+) CD-RW media of course, but that’s not the cheapest solution.

The PX-708 supports 24x Ultra-Speed CD-RW media as well as 10x High-Speed CD-RW media and probably 4x CD-RW media. Try looking for Verbatim media of these supported speeds.


Right. Most 24x and 32x CD-RW media sold under other brands is B-grade Mitsubishi/Verbatim media.

Many drives which support 24x Ultra-Speed CD-RW will support writing to 32x Ultra-Speed+ CD-RW at 24x (like the LG GSA-4163B), but not all drives will do this.


Thanks for the replies. I’d wrongly assumed that the quoted 32x was a [I]maximum[/I] speed, and that it would therefore be OK to burn at one of the slower speeds supported by the drive.



I would say you are correct in you assumption. According to labels, it say up to 36X or 48X. If you read closely on Maxwell for instance, it say may not work on 1X drives.