PX-708A and CD-RW

Hi! I’am experiencing some problems with some CD-RW media.
I cannot delete (and write) some old NS CD-RW media branded EmpireMedia (not supported by Plextor).
Furthermore when i write (without errors nor with Nero neither with Plextools 2.11) US CD-RW branded ThinkXtra (INFODISC Technology (type 1) ) and then i go and read the data from it (using the Plextor itself) I often have back CRC errors.
Anyway i have no problems with TDK(HS CD-RW ), INFODISC (NS CD-RW branded Magnex), INFODISC (HS CD-RW branded Vivanco).
Is anyone experiencing similar problems?
I’ve 1.06 firmware.



Yes, I had the same problems with my 708A.
It seems to burn some CD-RW discs ok, but then cannot read them back. For example, I had problems with some old Memorex CD-RW 24x and Princo 10x media.
Then I learned that 708A is just extremely picky with media, meaning that you cannot feed it with any quality media, only with
those brands that are on recommended list.
Before 708A I used LiteOn 48125S CD burner and I never even heard of problems regarding media compatibility, because this drive burns litarally on everything, thats why I was new to this kind of problems 708A introduced for me.
Now with my 708A I just use Verbatim DataLifePlus 24x (MCC) CD-RW high quality media, and all problems are gone, not even one coaster.
Also, latest firmware upgrade is highly recommended.