PX-708a Amber light blinks twice

Hi all!

I’ve had my Plextor 708 for 5 days now and everything seemed to be going just fine, burnt a few DVD’s, all perfect.
Until yesterday, when I tried to burn an ISO file onto a CD-R.

I used a Maxell 80min CD-R, opened the ISO in Nero (, and as soon as it had done a few percent, I had a power calibration error.

I then tried a different brand (Benq 80Min.) and had the same problem.

I restarted my pc, inserted a blank cd-r again, but then it sounded as if the drive had difficulties spinning/reading the cd and after a minute or so, the amber light started blinking twice, pausing, blinking twice again.

I took an (original) Audio cd to see if it would read the cd, but nope, same result, that darn amber light flashing up twice.

But when I try DVD’s and DVD’r’s I have no problem whatsoever.

I disconnected the drive and hooked it up onto a different pc, but dame problem there.

I’ve got firmware 1.02. I reloaded that firmware to see if it would ‘reset’ the drive somehow, but no luck.

I installed the drive as a Secondary Master, with a Plextor 16/48 DVD-Rom as Secondary Slave.

DMA is turned on.

Please don’t tell me I have to go through RMA procedure after having the drive only five days… :frowning:

Btw… in another forum, someone started having the same problems after trying to burn an ISO onto a CD-R… So I’m hoping it’s just a ‘bug’?

Hi prayingfalcon,
I believe it’s not a bug. If you check with the blinking light FAQ on plextor.be you will see the following error for amber flash light blinking twice:

Auto adjustment failed: Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings

As there are different lenses for CDRW and DVD (different laser length!), your CDRW lens is not working properly.

I would call Plextor Tech Support or exchange the drive with your dealer.

Sorry for the bad news,

I contacted Plextor Support in Europe and explained what the problem was.
They told me to fill out the RMA form on their website and send the drive to them.
Since my drive was less than 15 days old, it was a DOA and they replaced the drive with a new one.
A DHL courier picked up the drive on Monday and today during lunch DHL came to bring me the replacement.
Good service!

Well, hope I’ll have more luck with this drive.
Am kind of weary now though to try and burn a cue/bin file…


Good to hear that Linda.

If I were you I’d just burn the Bin/Cue since it should make no difference to the drive. If it brakes down again, you can always ask for another drive :wink:

Right… then just replace the drive again :cool: lol

Will try a cue/file over the next few days or so… :slight_smile:

I am going to look for an alternative to Nero though, those End of Disc errors are making me frustrated…

Plus, even with Plextor Media, I cannot burn at 8-speed… it says 8-speed but it takes as long as 4-speed.

Oh well, I still love Plextor.