PX-708a: 8x sometimes slower than 4x?


On the dutch forum GoT I read a topic. In that topic, two people using a PX-708a reported that 8x writing is slower than 4x. They used RICOHJPNR01 media (from Arita and Ricoh).
Has anyone experienced this problem? I’m very interested, because i also want to buy RICOHJPNR01 media.


It’s plextors powerrec that kicks in.
Arrita is Ritek B-brand and sells mostly B-quality disc’s.
Now the plextor drive will recognise the disc as a ricoh disc cappable of 8x burning however when it founds out that for some reason there might show up problems it will pull the speed down.
Switching an controlling costs time.
Plextors quality control works much sooner when set at maximum for that reason it might even be as critical to put it down to 2,4x.

Second burning Ricoh media at 8x isn’t a very good thing if you read c’t (germany).
No problems with MCC’s 4x media which burns very good at 8x.(However the quality for that one is also better at 4x but the difference is much smaller as with ricoh media)

Yes, well said dakhaas. When 8x burning takes longer than 4x burning it doesn’t take a genious to figure out that the drive has reduced the write speed during the recording session. And besides, the drive might not even started the write process at 8x since, when burning with Nero, it will report the write speed the user selected and not the actual recording speed.