PX-708A 1.07,interesting

i havent burnt a dvd @ 8X with this dvd writer time ago…today i burnt 4X Ricoh DVD+R discs @ 8X with the plextor using firmware 1.07 and i could easily surf the net,chat and do everything,i was opening 3 internet explorer windows,nero,MSN,Kazaa…the CPU usage was between 5-15% during the burn. while i remember that i used to click burn and forget about using the machine…burning @ 8X was sucking all of the machine’s resources. can anyone confirm if this is a firmware improvement?

I’m not sure if it is only related to 1.07. Because I still use firmwear 1.04 and have surfed the net with 4 explorer windows opened at the same time, outlook express opened too with no problems. I’m not sure if it is only related to 1.07.

lol, I’m scared to surf or do anything while I burn, superstition is just running in my blood. I know all about the Buffer Underrun, even my 712A has a 8meg buffer and I still dont do it. I guess im just retarded about that

When DMA is enabled and working properly you can surf the internet without any problems. When I burn something here I can do a lot of other stuff too without the Plextor’s burn-proof kicking in and my system is not that fast (AMD XP2100+).