PX 708 pixel problem on my samsung dvd player

I recently purchased this drive. Actual burn is good but when I play on my Dvd player I sometimes get some distortion and Pixels.
I’m using Princo dvd-rw and dvd+rw. Is it my Media, the player or something else?

I think that you compress the original movie to much and so you’lle lose quality.

What program are you using to burn dvd’s?

first I rip the dvd with dvddecrypter, then I make it the right size with dvdshrink and remove the languages and features I don’t want to minimize the reduction of the main movie.

Finally I burn all the files using nero.

I’ve burned over 1000 dvd’s using this method and never had a problem.

I’m using Sonic MyDvd. I have Nero and I know it’s a great program but it seems like it takes forever to burn a DVD.

Larry follow the process Snowie uses or just use dvd shrink. Its very possible that the program you are using is just not compressing or extracting the dvd clearly. I have used Dvd Shrink for numerous backups without any issues.

Hope this helps!

I don’t seem to have problems burning TS video files. I do have problems burning Mpeg files made from my capture card. Perhaps I"m recording at to high of a bit rate.

Also keep in mind that Princo DVDR are very low quality media. The problem with Princo is that the quality of the discs varies greatly. The distortions in your image could also because of the low quality media. I think it would be a good idea to try some other media, preferable some quality media that’s recommended by Plextor. Then you’ll know for sure if your problem is related to the media or the software you’re using. On a side note, I use DVD Shrink and/or CloneDVD for transcoding. Perfect results every time!

Thanks for your replies. Just as a side note. I like to burn tv mpeg’s from my capture card to DVD. I use MyDvd because its so damm fast, however I have the Plextor Dvd+R disc that came with the drive. This disc is recognized at 8x with other burning software but not MyDvd. It only recognizes auto and 1x. Any thoughts as to why would be appreciated. Still learning.

How fast does it burn if you leave it on auto?

Just thought I’d chime in with my 2 cents here. I’m new to DVD copying/burning and just made a few coasters and thought I’d share what I’ve found.

I have the PX-708a (wife got it for me for Xmas - gotta love that). I went out and bought some Memorex DVD+R’s that were on sale at CompUSA (25 for $24.99). I shrunk Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, leaving all features on and just shrinking the heck out of the video (about 50%).

I popped in my blank Memorex DVD+R and let it burn using PowerRec for the speed setting. It started out at 8x and eventually dropped down to 6x, averaging around 6x overall. The DVD I made plays fine in both DVD’s in my PC (the plextor and an NEC that came in the PC from Dell). Every single one I burned would only get 26 minutes into the movie and then pixelate and freeze on my home DVD player: a Sony VCR/DVD combo unit (can’t remember the model # off hand). I tried about 10 different things (changing compression in DVDshrink, etc) but nothing worked…froze at the exact same point every time.

After reading some posts at www.DVDshrink.info, I tried lowering the burn speed to 2.4x and VOILA - even the fully compressed version with all the bells and whistles left in played fine on the Sony. All the media I have is rated 4x, and so far I have not got one DVD to play in the Sony unless I burned it at 4x or less. Note that I am NOT using any of the media on Plextor’s suggested list.

I’m going to get some TDK or Verbatim media and see if I can crank out a DVD at 8x. If that works I will know it’s the media.

The point of this long post: try burning one disk at a low speed just to see if that works. It worked for me. If the TDK or Verbatim works at 8x I’ll know I either need to watch for sales on TDK or Verbatim or learn to be patient while burning.

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I did find out that although MyDvd did not recognize the higher burn speed it did burn at the higher speeds. That’s a good thing.
Now that I have some time tonight and I’ll try burning my problem discs at lower speeds to see if that solves my problem.


Did you ever try burning at 8 times?

Originally posted by old&slow

Did you ever try burning at 8 times? [/B]

Yes…I tried burning at 8x, but I’m not using media that’s on Plextor’s recommended list and never got a good burn. The media is only rated 4x and I’ve gotten good burns with it at 4x and below.

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I have gotten good nurns from TDK +r’s
They went at 8X automatic. I guess Nero just decided to go for Max and I never really paid atention to how I had it set.I never watched to see if it maintained.
I did it a couple times since and they seem fine.
Takes about 81/2 to 9 minutes to burn.

I dont use the TDK’s as a rule. I have a few left.
Mostly use the Ridata G04

Larry, i had the same problem. Some backups used to make distortion and Pixels on my samsung 234e and it was very annoing. At first i thought it was dvd shrinks problem but then i found out it was a combination of nero and my pc. In dvd decrypter this never happened. It was my hd(i think) try to leave some space and always defract c: after a period of time. I know i am not specific but i never really understood the exact cause of this. What helped a little bit was to upgrade nero to 6.3…0.2 although it still happened but not so often. What can i tell you. I changed my pc last month from p4 1.7 to p4 3.0 with a new hard disk super ata.(what ever its called) And my plextor behaves like a new machine. 8x at 7:30 min (for full disk 4.7) And with my old pc it took @8x 10min. And also i used to notice on all my backups some shades (darker color on some parts) not anymore! And finally no buffer problems, just stable buffer%.

Thanks Stardust for the info!Every little bit helps.
I am finding this whole dvd burning thing to have a lot of idiosyncracies (gawd awful spelling).

I have a good fast system with 80 gig drive.
I should defrag more often tho as the number of writes and deletes are high.

Shrink is known to produce nasty blocks compared to a decent encoder which may be what you’re experiencing.

that early shrink version is sure a mess!