PX-708 not compatible with RICOH R02?

The first scan below is from a 8x burn on a Philips branded RICOH R02 disc. As you can see the quality is awful.

The next scans are RICOH R01 (Sony and TDK) burned @8x and @4x on the same burner. These are older burns with older firmware versions, but I don’t think that is the problem here. Anyway, the quality of the 4x rated R01 burned @8x is a lot better than the 8x rated R02 @8x.

What’s the problem here? Is it because Plextor has not included RICOH R02 in the firmware or is the PX-708 just a bad 8x burner? What’s your experience?

I get beautiful results with Ricoh R02 and my 708A. PI never exceeds 20.

I think it’s very strange. The PIF level starts out very good but when the speed switches from 6x to 8x something happens. I will check some more discs and see what I get.