PX-708, Nero burn ISO at 4X only to CDRW?

I wanted to make a bootable CD with an OS on it.
I used WinISO and made a bootable ISO image.
I opened this ISO image in Nero and there are very few selections to make.
I clicked the “Burn” tab, and the only speed option available is 4X

The Plextor manual says it can burn CDRW at 24X.
What gives? … Is it because it is an ISO image?

I felt like I was using my old Yamaha 4X burner. It took 20 min, and leadin/leadout took 2-3 mins.

BTW, I used a CDRW because I’m not sure if the disc would “work” the way I wanted it to.

Thanks for reading this,

does your media support writing at 24X?

you need CDRW media that supports 24X writing and i think the case here is that your media isnt a high speed CDRW media.

When I examed the media closer, I did actually see that it is 4X only. It’s printed in silver on silver, in small print.
I have some Sony CDRs I bought around the same time and they burn at all the speeds the Plextor is capable of.

I just looked through all my “old” CDR, CDRW media and the above mentioned disc is the only one I have with a write speed on the label.